How To Get Double The Sales With Follow Up

Are you ready to unlock the potential of follow up to double the sales from your webinars?

It's Jason Buckner here, CEO and Founder at Automation Made Easy - your go-to-team for business automation

We've previously talked about the three phases of the Follow Up Formula - ACTION, TRUST and CONVERSION.

In this post, we're going to continue to explore this game-changing strategy that can help you double (or even triple) your sales.

More specifically we'll dive into real-life examples and show you how to make successful follow up happen.

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How To Make Successful Follow Up Happen:

Now secret number two, how to make it happen.

Many small business owners think, “I'm not good at the technical stuff, let alone what to write in those emails.”

I want to share with you though a quick story. So remember Mark Ling in the earlier video (Turn Failure Into Business Successand we went through the process there to develop the Follow Up Formula – going through and actually putting the follow up in place.

Then with Brett McFall we had this formula for webinars, but they were for an automated webinar. (You can read more about this on our How To Follow Up To Get Customers post.)

I then had this customer come to me, Build Her… well actually before this time I started doing what we were doing on the webinars, on the automated webinars – action > trust > conversion follow ups.

I started doing this in lead generation campaigns, and started seeing results internally. Then I started doing it on live webinars and I started doing it on all sorts of campaigns and well, actually we'd been doing it all along for many years in my business.

But I just didn't realise it was a formula. We just did it. “Okay, we need to do this… we need to do some trust and we need to then sell to them.” And I didn't put it into the formula until much, much later.

Lead Generation Campaign Example:

But Build Her came along and they didn't have any action, trust, and conversion process in their campaigns at all.

In actual fact, they had a bucket load of lead generation campaigns – and when I say lead generation, they had one opt-in. So prospects would opt in, Build Her would send an email and they'd deliver whatever it was they’d offered and they'd have no trust or conversion phase whatsoever. They had literally about 17 opt-ins. They were all getting good opt-ins, they were getting good numbers on the database, but they were relying on their weekly broadcast – their weekly newsletter – to get any conversions.

Every now and again they’d do a broadcast to the database to get people to come along to a webinar. And they were getting such low conversions – such low open rates, such low conversions from these campaigns.

So they took my advice. Actually, initially they looked at me and said, “Oh, do we really have to do that?”

And I said, “Yes, yes, you actually do. You have to do this action, trust and conversion phase.”

In actual fact, we built one conversion campaign. Now the action was actually done inside each of the little opt-in campaigns. So when someone opts in, they get their action-based email. Okay? So that was all inside there.

Then we built this monster. I can't even show you the whole thing on the screen.

double your sales 1

We built this campaign. And so they go into the trust phase – remember the action is done separately, okay? It was already in place. Then they go into this trust phase that goes for five emails long. And then they go into this conversion phase that is a little bit longer. There's a bit of conversion, a bit of content, then conversion, then content.

We built out this and tested it and got it running.

Now in this campaign here, out of 294 people – 294 people, do the math – that went into this campaign, they got 46 customers. Just from people opting in.

So they opt in for a lead magnet and then we put them into this conversion campaign where we take them on a journey. 46 customers. That's a 15% conversion.

Now here's where it gets really cool. The lead cost is $5 per lead. So it's about $1,500 in ad spend to get 294 people and they're getting sales at $1,000 per customer.

That's $49,000 in sales for $1,500 in ad spend.

Just because we put this follow up formula process in place: action > trust > and conversion.

Now, who wants to get that sort of conversion on their campaigns?

You've just got to put it in place!

You've got to follow the formula and put it in place. It's super important, but it's also super simple.

So many of us are putting up this barrier and not letting ourselves take that next step.

Do you think they're on the path to double their sales?


They did more than double the sales from the lead generation campaigns ‘cos they weren't getting any sales from them… literally! We just followed the formula.

From before, there was nothing. To now, 7½% to 15% conversions. 7½% is the average, but it spikes up and we haven't discovered why the spike is there, but it spikes up to 15% conversions.

So they know they can spend x amount of money on an ad campaign and get x amount of money at the other end and get x amount of customers. Super cool.

They just do the math and then they up the ad spend because the follow up is in place and it's working… it's converting.

Okay, so the background is we used a tried and tested formula and created a template from it. In actual fact, we just created that from one and then 17 lead magnets all feed into the same template.

And then we adjusted it for the relevant campaign that it is.

So we did it once there, and then in each of their other individual niches they have in their business, we repeated it and we've done it now three and four times.

We're just using the template in their business and changing the wording in there, changing the content in there, changing the conversion in there, that's relevant for that particular niche. Okay? Three or four times, getting exactly the same results. Every campaign that we are running it in is getting between a 7½% and a 15% conversion.

In each of their slightly different niches, we’re just using exactly the same one. What we do is we copy that campaign, we go and put it into another campaign. They go in and personalise the emails, change the links inside there and we make it live and it works every… single… time. Super cool.

Live Webinar Campaign Example:

Who wants that in their business results from a live webinar?

Okay, so that was a lead generation campaign. Now this is a live webinar campaign.

I started working with Pat Mesiti a couple of years ago and we just followed the formula.

He was getting industry average show rates on his live webinars, okay? About 30% show rate is industry average for a live webinar.

So, we put action in place for when they register, okay?

We put trust in place between the registration and when they have to turn up to the live webinar. We've got to build trust through that whole phase. And then the webinar is actually building trust as well. It's part of the trust building phase and the conversion phase.

And then we did conversion after the event.

So the three phases: action > trust > conversion.

Usual webinars are getting 30%; he was getting about 30%, sometimes a little bit less than 30%. Now he's getting 40% to 50% show rate on his webinar, just by implementing the action and the trust.

And then the sales from that come higher as well.

double your sales 2

So this is all it is. When someone opts in, we register them through a system and then they get their welcome email – so their action-based email.

Then they get a trust email here nine days before. A trust email here, one week before; then three days before, 24 hours before, and one hour before the webinar. Then we give a Going Live email.

And so we implement emails and SMS. SMS is super important for webinars. If you're running webinars, you’ve got to have SMSs in place.

The trust building phase comes afterwards.

Now, do you think that that Pat's on the path to getting double the sales and Build Her are on the path to getting double sales?

Absolutely they are!

Action – registration – we send an email and an SMS. In actual fact, on all of my webinars I send a Bonjoro as well. 

That personalised message… an automated trigger to send a personalised message where I can make it about THEM and what they're going to learn. I can use their name, they can see my eyes, they can see I’m doing something for them. I spend 15 minutes a day sending these personalised messages.

It increases the show rate even above 50%. On my last webinar, I got a 70% show rate just by implementing the Bonjoro.

Trust emails and SMS – a minimum of three inside there. If we can do five, we do five as well.

And then conversion – we get them to buy after the webinar. There are three emails after, getting them to buy.

This formula went from 30% to 50%. That's 20% more customers to sell to.

We've got to maximise every single lead that's coming in there and build a relationship with them while we’re doing that.

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