How Trust Building Increased Sales By 70%

Welcome to our ongoing discussion about the Follow Up Formula – a powerful, proven strategy to increase conversions and drive sales. 

It's Jason Buckner here, CEO and Founder at Automation Made Easy - your go-to-team for business automation

In our last blog post, Maximising Webinar Results – The 4 Simple Emails That Made $13,991 In Sales, we explored the crucial first phase of the Follow Up Formula ACTION.

Today, we delve into the second phase: TRUST.

Building trust is paramount in the online space, where establishing rapport can be challenging. However, by employing effective techniques, we can simulate the personal connections we make in traditional retail settings.

Watch the content-filled video below now, where we'll explore the importance of giving more than what your audience signed up for and how trust-building emails can significantly impact your sales:

Second Phase – TRUST:

If people still don't take the action we want them to take, we need to build some trust. We want people to know, like, and trust us.

This is super important in this online space. In retail, we get to do all of that by making eye contact, talking, handshaking, and having a conversation with people. So we need to simulate that a little online.

Give More Than What They Signed Up For:

We need to give them more than what they signed up for, to build trust with them. But kind of the same stuff as well.

So say it's an eBook, for example. You're going to record some videos, put them onto some pages like we're about to show you here, of some videos of your eBook. Split them into say three parts… so three videos. You break your eBook down into three parts and get in front of the camera and just teach. Okay? It’s super simple.

Pauline’s Example:

Pauline was using an automated webinar. She had a problem. She was making some sales, but not enough. And after implementing the solution? She made $21,000 in sales, all from the follow up.

We put the action based emails in place and then we put some trust emails in place. For the trust phase, Pauline set up three emails… worth $15,000.

You're going to send five if you're doing an automated webinar. Three is the minimum we do in a trust phase, but I'd like to have five in a trust phase moving forward.

In each email we talk about the hell that people are going through. You know, we go through the problem, we agitate it a little, and then we talk about their paradise, okay? And then we give them a solution… “Click through and watch this video.”

This is a three to five minute video. Choosing a problem, giving them a solution. Problem > agitate > solution. That's what we do in these videos. We present a problem, we agitate it, we give a solution. And you can see there that next step.

trust building

See, there's a bit of trust and conversion here.

The next step is to go and register for the next live training session again, in this case. Okay?

Again in the next one, same thing… we present a problem, we give them a solution. “Go and watch another video.”

trust building

Just build trust. There is no sell in this video whatsoever. It is only content. Giving them something they can go away and do right now and feel a little bit more empowered.

And then the final email, the same thing. Remind them about the other two videos, give them a solution to another problem and, lo and behold, another video.

Sales Increased By 70%:

These three emails made Pauline $21,000. Pauline got two sales directly from the webinar. She got two sales from the action based follow up. So $6,000 in sales from the action based follow up. And then five sales came from the trust building process.

trust building

So in this case, $15,000 in sales came from the trust building process. If Pauline hadn't have done that, there's $21,000 in sales there that she would not have got.

She's definitely on the path to doubling her sales by – what is that? 100%... 300%... 300… 350% more sales just by putting the follow up in place. 70% of them wouldn't have happened without the follow up. Super cool.

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