Maximising Webinar Results – The 4 Simple Emails That Made $13,991 In Sales

Maximising webinar results has become a crucial goal in today's digital landscape, where effective follow up strategies can turn leads into valuable customers.

Hi... Jason Buckner here, from Automation Made Easy - your go-to-team for business automation.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable success story of Allison Garrison. Allison came to us for help maximising webinar results. And in this video we show how four simple follow up emails led her to a remarkable $13,991 in sales.

Watch this short, content-only video to see exactly how we helped Allison to harness the power of targeted action-based emails to generate these sales:

The Three Follow Up Phases:

There are three specific phases in the follow up. There's action, there's trust, and then there's conversion. Okay?

We want to reward people for taking action. We want to then build trust with them. And then we want to convert them when the time is right and sell to them… get them to become a customer.


Now, action. We literally reward people for taking action. Give them what they've signed up for and ask them to take the next step.

So if they're one of those webinar action points that maybe missed the webinar or registered or early exit or things like that, we ask them to take the next step.

Meet Allison:

Now I want you to meet Allison Garrison. Allison had a problem. Her webinar was below average, but luckily, she was super scared of failure. So she came to me to see if there's a plan we could input in place to follow up.

Now the solution… $13,991 in sales. All of those sales are just because we put the action based follow up in place. Just four emails worth $14,000.

The Four Action Points:

There are four action points around an automated webinar:

  1. when someone registers
  2. when someone misses
  3. when someone early exits
  4. and when someone stays until the end.

Basically we want them to register.

We don't want them to miss, we want them to attend, and then we want them to stay until the end. And then we want them to book or buy… book in this case. Okay?

So four action points. Four emails worth $14,000.

In the first one, we reward them for registering for the webinar. We set some expectations about what we're going to do next. See that crossover of action and trust straight away?

And then we ask them to take some action. So we get some engagement from them straight away. That's the register part.

And then we go through the rest. We remind them of the pain. We get them to register for the next session, another action-based email when someone misses. And then when someone comes along and they early exit another email, we ask them for their opinion. Why did you leave early? Was it not for you?“

And then we get them to watch the next session. I know it says replay now on that button, but now we actually get them to watch the next session rather than a replay in automated webinars.

Then if someone stays until the end and doesn't book, in this case, we ask them for their opinion again.

We want to prompt some replies and then we get them to book.

Now for these four emails, Allison, personalised our templates, put them in place, and these four emails were worth $13,991 in sales. All four of them from the action-based follow up.

These are the only sales she made in the test period. She wouldn't have made any of them without just the action-based follow up in place.

Let's Look At Each Of Those Sales And The Follow Up That Took Place:

This person came along to the webinar, watched till the end, didn't book, got an email 24 hours later, booked in for a session, and became a customer.

This one here registered for the webinar. They missed the webinar, got the follow up email 24 hours later, got the email and registered for the next session. Then they stayed until the end, booked in for a session, and became a customer.

Now this one was annoying. Look at this one… so much follow up needed for this one. They registered for the session, came along, left early, and got the email about leaving early. This got them to book in for the next session. They stayed until the end, but didn't book in for an appointment. 24 hours later they got the email to book in for an appointment. Then they clicked on it, booked in for an appointment, and became a customer.

And this is another missed one. So all four of these sales wouldn't have happened if we hadn't have put the action based follow up in place. $13,991 in sales. One hundred percent of these wouldn't have happened without the action based follow up.

Allison is definitely on the path to double her sales by putting just the action based follow up in place. She did more than double her sales. She actually made some sales because there was some follow up in there, which is definitely something we need to be mindful of in our ad campaigns.

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