How Belinda Made $49,970 From The Follow Up

Welcome to our ongoing discussion about the Follow Up Formula – a powerful, proven strategy to increase conversions and drive sales.

Hey there, it’s Jason Buckner here, from Automation Made Easycontinuing on our deep dive into how you can double (or even triple!) your sales with the Follow Up Formula.

In case you missed our previous posts about this topic, you can check out our earlier videos on the first two phases of the powerful, proven Follow Up Formula via the links below:

Phase 1: Action
Phase 2: Trust

Now, it's time to take things up a notch and explore how to seal the deal and make those sales happen. So today we’re exploring Phase 3 - Conversion.

Watch the short video below to discover how to take your sales to the next level:

The Third Phase – CONVERSION:

Then we've got this conversion phase. Once we have our prospective customer’s trust, then we want to convert.

We actually want to sell to them here. We want to be direct, and we want to give them a limited offer.

Meet Belinda Kerr:

I want you to meet Belinda Kerr. This is outstanding and she's still doing amazing things.

Belinda made $49,970, all from the follow up.

Belinda wanted to scale. Although she was making many sales before, so much of her advertising costs were being wasted. She needed to grow some more.

So the solution we put in place, lo and behold… action based follow up – yes; trust based follow up – yes, just like what you saw before in our previous two videos.

And then we did conversion. Now this is around an automated webinar, and it’s a slightly different conversion around an automated webinar to what we do around a lead generation campaign.

Six Emails Worth $30,000:

But let's take a look at the emails… six emails worth $30,000 in the conversion phase.

First, similar to the trust building, we go through the Hell and Paradise and we give them a solution. And lo and behold, we go and we watch a video (just like we did in the previous videos).

Now you can see the conversion part on this page is actually to book in for the sales call in this particular case.

follow up belinda 1

And then the next one is literally a sales email, where in this case we're going to get them to book in a call.

If you are selling directly from your webinar or you're selling directly from your lead generation campaign, that is what we'd be selling there.

follow up belinda 2

So Belinda got $15,000 in sales directly from the webinar, four sales from the action and trust building phases, so that was another $20,000.

Then $30,000 of sales came from the conversion process. These people weren't ready to buy on the webinar yet. It's only because we followed up with conversion and sold to them that she was able to make all of that extra money.

So that’s $49,970 in sales. A massive 76% of these wouldn't have happened without the follow up.

Do you think Belinda's on the path to getting double the sales?

Well and truly.

How Will Follow Up Work For You?

So secret number one, you might also be thinking:

“I don't understand how follow up will work for me or get me more sales… get any more conversions than I'm already having. I just don't think or know how it's going to work for me. I just don't think it's going to.”

Now, the truth is, if you're saying the right thing at the right time in your follow up, you can get the results you haven't even dreamed of yet, okay?

You’ve just got to say the right thing at the right time.

It's all about relationship marketing. It's all about building a relationship.

Now, I'm just going to remind you, most people do this: when someone opts in, they send them a welcome email. WE want to do something much bigger than that, okay? We want to do something more like this:

  • first, we send them a welcome email
  • then we build some trust inside there
  • we have a conversion phase
  • and this is what we want to do in every single one of our campaigns.

Action, trust, conversion. It’s super important.

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