When small businesses get stuck in the daily grind, struggling to 

keep up or know they could do better but don’t know where to start...




Running a small business is not an easy ride! To be successful, you need a mix of effort, concentration, skill, dedication and most of all time.

And time is the most elusive and precious of them all.

Business owners often find themselves wishing there were more hours in the day so they can do more… like creating reliable and predictable sales processes. But the sad truth is, there are only so many hours in the day and days in a week. And the sales processes they create have flaws in them.

However, the good news is… 

it doesn’t need to be like this!

And one man who knows this better than anyone is Jason Buckner. He specialises in working with time. In fact, he is well known for making his clients life easier by giving them more time through business automation.

Jason worked for the largest Internet Seminar in the world, World Internet Summit, where he automated 15,000+ attendee tickets. He personally managed over 75 seminars and managed the automatic processing of more than $15,000,000 in sales.

He is the secret weapon desperate businesses call in to “clean up the mess.” And he loves it. Where most people would run away, Jason is quick to roll up his sleeves and find the holes and fix them. His experience in running a chain of retail stores in Sydney for 7 years, AND 8 years working for World Internet Summit gives him great empathy for fellow business owners.

And his 5 years project managing large format digital print, creating systems and solutions for large retailers, and working for galleries across Australia helps him to identify the best systems to implement for his clients to get the best results.

Jason has spoken on stages around the world (Australia, UK and Thailand) about the benefits of business automation and has inspired thousands of businesses to reclaim their lost time.

As a keynote speaker, Jason shares his story and insight as a top-level swimming coach to motivate the audience to get more out of life. His professional, yet highly conversational style makes him a pleasure to listen to. His talks are filled with stories, tips and tricks, which connect to the listener at a personal level.

Jason Buckner is available for keynote speaking for your event. 

He specialises in seeing beyond the product and service for fast and efficient problem solving, and automating businesses for bigger profits and reclaiming lost time in your business. 

He can also customise keynote talks for your audience around automation solutions for businesses.



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