Why Tracking And Being Proactive In Your Email Campaigns Is So Important

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been talking about the mistakes I see business owners make when they're doing a lead generation campaign, an opt in campaign… you know, a campaign to grow the database and not necessarily having the right focus.

Now, the final mistake that I see people making quite a bit is this. They put this campaign together - people opt in and they deliver the free report or whatever the lead generation tool is that they're offering to people for free for their name and their email address… and I would suggest absolutely telephone number all the time and that will make sense in a little while why.

So they're putting together this whole campaign and have their emails together. They have their conversion phase together and their drive phase together.

But they don't really know what's happening with every single lead.

And as a result, they're just letting the emails do the work instead of actually getting in there and treating this asset, this database that's growing like their business and getting in there and being proactive about the leads that are coming in and do something with them.

Let me explain to you. Watch this video below now as I share my screen and you can see our campaign from inside Keap. This one is using Keap Max Classic, but this sort of campaign works in any of the Keap versions.

Let's take a look:

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