The 2nd Biggest Lead Generation Campaign Mistake Business Owners Make

In the last video we talked about the biggest mistake I see people make when doing a lead generation campaign. And that is just having one email to deliver whatever it is that they're delivering – an eBook, free report, checklist, quiz… whatever it might be – and then doing no follow-up afterwards.

And today I want to talk about the next big mistake that I see people doing, which I share in the quick video below:

The next biggest mistake I see business owners making is when they're doing a lead generation campaign, it's just, “Oh my God, I've got to get more leads.” And that's the focus of their lead generation campaign.

It's just about this first step about getting more leads and there's no focus through the rest of the campaign. And so those people that usually do have emails going through, it's like, “Oh, let's have as many links in there as possible. And let's have as many emails in there as possible. And let's just do everything we can to try and get people to buy our product and book a call to get to our webinar, to do this and to do that.”

Their campaigns don't have any focus and thus, they don't get the returns that they need to get.

And so what I'd like you to think about when you're doing a lead generation campaign is to just have one ultimate goal. What is it that you really want people to do after they opt in for your eBook, free report, video series, or whatever it might be? What do you want them to do at the end of that?

What is the one goal? Is it booking a sales call? This is probably one of the key ones, especially if you have a high ticket offer or are in a service-based industry… absolutely book in a sales call.

The second one might be to register for your webinar. It might be buy a product. Whatever it is – it doesn't matter what it is – but whatever it is, that's got to be the focus through the entire process, okay?

What I spoke about in the last video was having one delivery email, then at the very least three content emails. So four emails there and then two more emails. And those last two emails, email five and email six at the very least, are driving them to go somewhere.

So we're going to drive them to go and to do whatever it is, whether to buy the product, whether it's to book in for a consult, whether it's to register for your webinar, but that's going to be the focus all the way through.

That's number one. You're going to have that focus all the way through.

So these are the places where you're going to have that focus:

  1. Number one on the opt-in page when they opt in. So the thank you page after they opt in right there, we're going to try and convert them. That’s the first step.
  2. Second step, when we deliver the product. People are most likely to take the next step when we've given them exactly what it is that they've opted in for or exactly what it is that they've purchased.
  3. Then in the first email, we're going to have some drive in there or some conversion copy to get them to go and take the next step. Whatever that next step is, the focus has got to be the same all the way through the campaign so that we don't have mixed messages.
  4. So on the thank you page, in the delivery email, then, remember we have three emails or potentially more emails where we're delivering some content, on the page that the lead goes to where the video is, what we're going to do there is… on that page we're going to have some conversion copy there as well.

I'm going to drive it in every single email. We're just going to have maybe a banner or some copy, ready to take the next step, booking them for a free sales strategy call, or we wouldn't call it a sales strategy call, but that's potentially what the call would be for.

So in those three places, and then in the last two emails, okay?


  1. On the thank-you page
  2. In the welcome email where we deliver
  3. On all of those pages, the bottom of the content pages underneath our videos, we're going to have some conversion there to get them to do what we want them to do.
  4. Then finally, in the last two emails or the drive emails, we're going to drive them to do what we need them to do.

Don't have all of these other focuses. All the people that I see that have multiple focuses in their emails - you know, click here, do this, click here, register for this Facebook group, do this Instagram, do this, come along to this webinar, do this - all of those campaigns I see not getting the conversions as much as those where we deliver the content and have one call to action, one focus of the campaign and getting better conversions anyway.

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