The Biggest Lead Generation Campaign Mistake Business Owners Make

I just wanted to reach out to you because I see this really big mistake happening in small business.

It's an issue that so many business owners make and not only is it costing a lot in lost sales, but it's so easy to overcome.

Watch the content-only video below where I explain what this mistake is and, better still, how you can fix it:

At the moment, a lot of small businesses I've seen are doing some lead generation campaigns. You know, they might be using an eBook or a free report or a checklist or something like that to generate leads, to pay and generate leads for people to opt into their database.

Now it's a really good idea to grow your database and to be able to have a bigger audience. But the big mistake that I see people making is they are getting people to opt in to download this free report or checklist or whatever it might be, whatever the lead generation tool is. And all they're doing is sending one email straight afterwards, which is the delivery of the report.

And they're losing this opportunity to engage with that audience and to get those newcomers to the database, to know like, and trust you.

See it takes five to seven interactions with a customer or with a potential customer – a lead –for them to become a customer on average. Let me repeat that… five to seven interactions.

Now, if you're paying for an ad and maybe that's one interaction.

And then they opt in, that's maybe a second interaction.

Then you deliver the email. That's potentially a third interaction.

Is there enough value in those three interactions to get someone to become a customer?

Maybe, at that one complete end of the scale. But at the other end of the scale, potentially, we're not doing ourselves justice here. We're not doing our business justice.

And as a result, these leads are coming in, we're sending them one email and we're not getting the results that we would like.

We're spending all of this money on marketing and it's kind of going nowhere. And what we need to do is have a follow-up series that sends them somewhere.

There should be some sort of focus, after they opt in, to get them to do the things we want them to do. Okay?

So I want you to no longer have one email. We're going to have five emails as a minimum, and we're going to break it down – whatever the report is… if it's an eBook, if it's a report, if it's a checklist – we're going to break it down into three emails that are training emails.

The first email is going to be to deliver the report.

The second, third and fourth emails – so three emails there – they are all going to be emails, breaking it down and giving some value, giving some extra value, some extra content.

Now the way I like it best is video content. You’re going to send a video. You're going to break down the eBook, breakdown the free report, breakdown whatever it is into three parts and have a video of you teaching them exactly how to get more out of each of those three parts.

Then the last two emails are going to be drive emails. I call them either drive emails or conversion emails. We're going to get them to take the next step, whatever that is, whether that's registering for our webinar, booking in for a sales call, and buying our product – whatever that might be – we've got to have some sort of focus.

See this time, when someone opts into your database, is the most important time to start getting them engaged… to start getting them to know, like and trust you, because they're engaged already.

They're opting in for something and we've got to take advantage of that. We've got to make sure that we have the best relationship we possibly can by engaging with them all the way through as well. Then we need that focus at the end. Okay?

So just to recap: NO MORE ONE EMAIL. We're going to have SIX emails.

  1. We're going to deliver whatever it is in the first email.
  2. Then we're going to break it down into three items of content. So that’s three videos, preferably breaking down whatever is in the report.
  3. And then we're going to have two emails that are driving them to do the next thing in the process, whether that is booking in for a consult, buying our product or registering for our webinar.

Now six emails is the minimum that I want you to think about, but you can even go more than that too. A two-week engagement series is super cool as well. Five or six emails is the minimum, but you can go further than that as well.

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