The Crucial Element Missing From Your Thank You Page

Does your Thank You page include what it needs in order to direct your subscribers and customers to the next best step for them to take?

In most cases, the answer to this question is a firm "No", unfortunately. 

So that's what this latest video and blog post is all about. Watch this super-quick video now to make sure you're giving - and getting - maximum value from your "Thank You" page.

It’s Jason Buckner here, from Automation Made Easy. I’ve got a little bit of a problem.

The problem is that I've worked with many, many businesses. (That's not my problem.) But I see this consistent failure, if you like, or consistent problem that some of my customers are having that I have to alert you to because you are probably doing it as well.

You know, it doesn't matter if you are starting an opt-in campaign where you're trying to give away something for free. It doesn't matter if you're doing a webinar campaign where you're trying to get people to register for your webinar. It doesn't matter even if you are trying to sell something or marketing to sell something. The issue is that same.

And that is:

...people are not making the most of the “Thank You” page.

The “Thank You” page is about delivering the gift – whatever you offered them for registering, opting-in or buying.

But people are much, much, much more likely to take the next step of action when they've received what it is that they've opted in for.

Step One: Deliver What You Promised

So if they get to the “Thank You” page, Step One would be to put in the details of the webinar or download the book or receive the free gift or something like that.

Step Two: The CTA (Call To Action)

Almost everybody misses the Step Two. What is our call to action?

What's the ultimate goal of our campaign?

What do we want people to do?

We need to put that on the “Thank You” page.

I can't stress this enough. We have to make sure on our “Thank You” page when someone opts in for something, whether it be free event, whether it be webinar, whether it be book, whether it be anything – on that “Thank You” page is a call to action for the next step. Where do we want them to go?

That's absolutely the first place we need to be advertising that.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I want to see you doing that in your marketing as well, so you get the best you can possibly get. It’s super important.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with this, and in setting up your follow up system, we'd love to offer you a free consultation.

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