Why Relationship Marketing Is So Important For Your Business

Have you ever wondered what relationship marketing has to do with puppy training?

Well, maybe not. But there is a distinct similarity. I this video I'll explain why these are so similar and what we can learn from how I'm training Amos, the latest fur-baby addition to my family.

Watch this quick video and you'll also understand why relationship marketing is so important for your business:

Hey folks, it’s Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. I want you to meet Amos.

This is not just a meet and greet, there's a reason why he's in our training today or in our video today. Now I am an advocate for relationship marketing.

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is building a relationship with our database so that it's not about you selling to them when you are ready to sell. Rather, it's about you selling to them when they're ready to buy. And to do that, we've got to create a relationship just like we can in retail… just like we can face-to-face. Okay?

This is super, super important. You'll see that I'll send a lot of content to the database – and I recommend that you do too – at least once a week. And I want you to send content to your database, weekly or once a fortnight is a minimum. Within this content I want you to make sure that you're solving one problem.

The solution to this problem is getting people to click through on their email and go and watch a video from you – a little bit like what you're doing here today with me.

Now, one super, super, super important thing is this: don't make the mistake that everybody else makes and send it to your entire database every single time.

I know this is the default. You think you've got to send it to as many people as you possibly can to get the best reach and the best engagement with your database. In actual fact, that's wrong. That's the old way of doing things.

What does relationship marketing have in common with puppy training?

See, email providers treat us like we treat our animals. Like Amos here.

Now when Amos here does something right, I reward him with a treat. And when he does something wrong, I ignore him. Okay? So if he sits for me… he's not so interested here at the moment, is he? But if he sits for me, I give him a little treat.

Email providers do that to us as well. If we email our entire database, they ignore us. In actual fact, they put us into the spam or the commercial inbox.

But they reward us when we do the right thing. If we just email people that have engaged with our database or email people that have engaged with us in some way over the last four months – four is the sweet spot, write that number down. If we just communicate with those people that are engaging, then our stats go up. Our open rates go up sky high because we're not emailing those people that aren't engaging with us. And in actual fact, our reputation goes up with email providers.

So that's what I want you to start doing. If you're not doing it already, when you're sending your newsletters… when you're sending your content… when you're sending anything out to the database… make sure it's just to the engaged people.

Okay? So we're going to send to the engaged people of the last four months.

What about everyone else?

Now I hear you say to me, “Jason, but what about everybody else? What are we going to do with them?”

What we're actually going to do with them is this…

First we get our reputation back up high with all the email providers because we've been emailing just the engaged people, so our open rate goes up and we get a good reputation over 4, 5, 10, 20 emails that our reputation is so good.

Then once our reputation goes up that high, then we can start every now and again, emailing the rest of the database and getting into their inbox as well, and getting a better response rate.

So super important: four months is the sweet spot. People that have engaged with you over the last four months are the people you want to be emailing and communicating with. I don't care if it's content; I don't care if it's marketing; it’s the same process.

Would you like help setting up this sort of follow up and making sure you're emailing only to those who have engaged with you within the last four months? 

Great! Simply book a free, no obligation call with us today.

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