How To Clean Your Database… And Why It’s So Important

You may be wondering why you need to know how to clean your database.

Often times business owners think they're doing the right thing by building a database - or a list - and they put so much effort into it. There's sometimes a 'bigger is better' mentality around this.

Now don't get me wrong... I'm so pleased to see these business owners building a database. And if they're looking after it and emailing their subscribers and customers regularly, that's great! That's definitely what I like to see. 

But bigger isn't always better. It's much better to focus on the QUALITY of your database rather than the QUANTITY of people on it.

In fact, your database quality is essential if your business sends emails.

And cleaning your database regularly is one of the ways that you can focus on your database quality.

In this video below I share with you not only HOW to clean your database, but also WHY it's essential to clean your database regularly.

Hey picture this. (I feel a little bit like Sophia Petrillo. I don't know if you remember the Golden Girls. She used to come out with these stories all the time.)

Anyway, picture this…

You've run an event. And you get to the day after your event, and you're about to send out some marketing for all the people that attended and didn't book in for a call. Or all those people that attended and didn't buy. Or even all those people that didn't attend at all, to follow up with them and get them to take the action we want them to take.

Then you get this email from your database provider, whether it be Keap or anyone else. And they say to you, “Your email ability has been canceled.” Or “Your email ability has been held because you've been sending emails to bad email addresses and spam traps and your engagement rate is low.”

Now we've got a few videos on email engagement and email deliverability, but what we need to think about now is actually cleaning up our database. It's super important.

You clean your office probably once a week. You clean your home maybe once a week or once a fortnight. But we are not necessarily naturally cleaning up our database.

Why Cleaning Your Database Is So Important:

There are a few reasons why this is so super important.

#1: Firstly, spam traps. They opt in automatically to people's databases. And you think that you won't get hit by them, but you might get hit by them. Googles and Yahoos and Hotmails… if there's a lot of activity on your domain, they'll probably opt in to see what's going on there. That’s number one.

#2: Dud email addresses.

#3: There are so many different reasons why an email address can be problematic for your email deliverability.

So we've got to clean up our database and we've got to do it on a regular basis. One of our customers just this week had a problem with her email send-ability straight after an event because the database wasn't cleaned up on a regular basis. And so we had to implement something.

And so you've got to make sure you do a database cleanup about every three to six months – it’s super important.

How To Clean Your Database:

Now we use a system called Klean13 – that's K L E A N 13.

You take your database out of Keap you upload it into Klean13. And then it gives you a report on which email addresses are spam traps (get rid of those!), which email addresses are undeliverable (get rid of those too!). And then which email addresses could be problematic in your business. You get rid of those as well so you're just emailing to a clean database.

That’s the number one thing you've got to think about.

The number two thing, of course – and I know I've harped on about this in quite a lot of videos – you've got to email just the engaged people.

I want you emailing people that are engaged in the last four months. You can do a report inside Keap – an email engagement tracker – and you just want to do the last four months. Grab all of those people. They're the ones you email to, okay?

So we're going to clean up our database every three to six months and we are going to email only the people that have engaged in the last four months.

This is super, super important to make sure your deliverability stays up high and your reputation with all of those email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, Bing, Gmail and whoever else they might be. So your reputation stays good and strong. Did I mention that this is super, super important?

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