Business Owners -Your Email Deliverability Solution Is Here

One of the big problems I see people having right now – and one of those big topics that’s out there right now in using a CRM like Keap for your email marketing and for connecting with your customers – is email deliverability.

This isn’t just with Keap (previously Infusionsoft). It’s across the board.

One of the key things we need to get people to do is to open our emails so our email open rate goes up from the average, which is about 20%, to up into the 30’s, 40’s and 50%’s, so that we can continually have a good reputation with the email providers. This way, when we send an email, it’s more likely to get into our reader’s inbox.

So… how do we make sure people are opening our emails?

The first thing is don’t send crap. Send good quality emails all the time.  

But then the second thing is to make sure you’ve got a good, engaging subject line so that people are engaged with your subject and then they open your email and go through the rest of the process.

Now the big problem many people have in writing their own email copy – which is perfectly fine if you want to do that – is that the subject line almost always gets forgotten. And it’s actually the most important bit.

If we don’t get the subject line right then we’re not going to get people to open the email and engage in the rest of our copy.

So there’s a super-cool new tool which Keap has just put out which is an email subject line generator.

Watch this quick video now where I show you how simple it is to use this tool:

To improve your email deliverabilty, focus on your email subject lines starting from right now. You can access this free email subject line generator tool from the following link:

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