How To Send Follow Up Emails Only To Those Who Don’t Click The Link – Part 1

It's super-important to send follow up emails. What if you want to send a follow up email to your list, but only to those who didn't take the desired action, such as clicking the link in your previous email. 

This is a question we were asked on a recent Q&A call with one of our clients.

Luckily for you we recorded that call. We're very grateful that the client in this call has happily agreed for us to share it here so it can help others too. 

This is a really cool strategy to know, so watch this short video now so you can do the same:

“I was sending out an email broadcast to the entire database, which I did last week, so I didn't actually follow up again. And then I wanted to know, how do I automate another follow up email to the same list? Because we added a tag to say, ‘if you clicked on the link, then remove them from the next batch of email’. And I didn't know how to set up that as a sequence.”

So if we go into the broadcast, you can see here delivered to 895 people. You could, one… just select those 895 and send another email.

You could, two… 22 people have clicked so you want to avoid those people there, but do you want to send like a “RE:…” kind of email? “Did you get this?” sort of thing is, I think, what we discussed, wasn't it?

“Yeah, you said ‘Don't just send the one email, send out a load’, and when I set this up, I was thinking, ‘Oh, if I could automate it to set up for the next few days…”

So what we can do is we can just send to the people that did not open it.

“I think they've been tagged, I created a tag in the email.”

We created a tag for the people that clicked, yeah. So we could go to the whole group of people – 895. I can edit the criteria here and I can say Miscellaneous Criteria > First Clicked > Not Clicked. So actually doing it without the tag. So we can say everyone who didn't click. It should be about 22 people less than 895. What is that? 873.

And so then we can select those people. We can't send a broadcast from here which is a little annoying. So we're going to click Apply/Remove Tag… we're going to Create a new Tag, which is the tag for today.

Just today's date… 13-7-22. Actually I like to do it the other way around 22-7-13… because then it puts it in chronological order.

Then I save that process. So the tag is there, we've saved it in, we process the action – 873 people. Now I'm going to show you the tricky bit, the fun bit. Okay. I'll let that process, because if you don't wait and you go and select those people, it will only select the people that have been tagged so far. So we let that process.

I'm just going to go back. What we can do now is we can go and we can do another broadcast, Create Email Broadcast.

I'm going to go to the Legacy Builder > Text and Graphics.

First I'm going go to Previously Sent > go to the previous broadcast and click Use as Draft.

I'm going to go to the top here, to the Subject Line field, and I'm going add “RE:” before the subject.

And then I'm going go to the Recipients field and select the tag we created just before with today’s date – 22-7-13.

Then in the body section we can bring a divider in and then we can bring another text block in.  I'll say:

“Hi [Merge >  Contact Fields (most common) > First Name],

Just double checking did you see the below?

These confidence hacks…”

What's a benefit? Give me a benefit?

“How to rock confidence like a pro.”

No. Benefit. I don't want to rock confidence. How's it going to make me feel if I'm, you know, what is the paradise that I'm going to get to or the hell that I’m going to get away from?

“Remove all the internal dialogue, doubt, all the judgment, the self-judgment. Have no more self judgment. So what would you have if you had no more self-judgment? You would feel like you're on a state… Okay, but that's talking to what they're not going to have. So stated in the positive…”

How about this:

“These confidence hacks are going to help you remove all that self-judgment and self doubt and make you feel like your own person again.” Yeah? Something like that?

“Yeah. I, I can rework that.”

In Keap, you can’t see someone else's draft. So what I'm going to do is this…

In this video, I'm actually going save this as a template. Because my client won't be able to come in and pick this up. I'll save this as a template…

But for you, you’ll continue to finish writing this broadcast and send it, as usual.

So that’s the first way you can send follow up emails to a broadcast, so it’s only sent to those who DID NOT click on the link in the previous broadcast email.

Next week, I’ll share another method of doing this, where you can automate the process when you have several follow up emails.

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