The Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make When Paying For Leads

There are some common mistakes that I see over and over again from small businesses when they’re paying for leads. In the video below I explain what the most common mistake is and how it’s costing many small businesses literally thousands in wasted advertising dollars.

Watch this video now for a quick run-down on what this mistake is… and how to fix it:

The huge mistake – and this is the biggest one I see people making – is that they do literally no follow up at all.

So, you have an opt-in campaign or a lead generation campaign. This is when someone gives us their name and their email address, and I'm going to suggest to you that you ask for their telephone number too. Now, every single time we ask for their name, phone number and email address and they give us those in exchange for us giving them something of value. It might be:

  • a free report
  • an eBook
  • a template
  • a calculation spreadsheet

Whatever we’re offering them, we give it to them to help them make their life a little bit easier and so that we can then market to them or continue to communicate with them.

So the biggest mistake I see people make is they do NO follow up.

They have an opt in, and then they have one email that goes out and delivers the eBook or one email that delivers whatever the freebie is that you're giving away… the carrot, if you like. And then they do nothing. They literally do nothing.

So what happens here is nothing, in most cases.

We have people opt in, we grow our database and we send a newsletter and we don't get any value out of these whatsoever. In actual fact, they come in and they literally drop off the face of this earth. So it just falls off the cliff, so to speak, which is what is happening to these leads every time we get them to opt-in and we don't nurture them and we don't follow up with them.

Just sending one email is mistake number one.

There are three specific phases in the follow up that I want you to implement every single time you get someone's name and email address, okay?

Every time… even if it be someone opting-in just to go onto your newsletter, we don't just send them the newsletter. They want a piece of you, and we're going to give it to them.

The first phase is action.

The second phase is trust.

And third phase is conversion.

Three specific phases. I'll go through each of them with you, but there are three phases.

Phase One: Action

We're literally going to reward people for taking the action that we want them to take when they give us their name and their email address. And we're going to give them exactly what they signed up for. That's our action based follow up to start with.

Phase Two: Trust

And then we want people to know us and to like us and to trust us, don't we? So we want them to do that. That's our ultimate goal here.

So they're going to become a customer, potentially. Eventually.

Do you think we're going to get their trust just from sending them one email? Absolutely not.

We want to break down our eBook into three equal parts. Let me go through this.

So the trust phase, what we want to do is we want to earn more trust. So we're going to give them more than what they signed up for. Write this down…

We're going to give them more than what they signed up for.

But kind of the same stuff of what they signed up for, if that makes sense.

Let me explain it a little bit further.

Say you give them an eBook. We're going to record some training videos about the stuff that you give them in the eBook.

Usually break an eBook into three parts. And so that's three videos and three emails that we already have there that we are going to send in our trust building phase.

So we had our action phase, which is reward them, give them one email.

And then we have our trust building phase, which is three emails at a minimum. We break down the eBook into parts and we get in front of the camera and we teach them the stuff that's in the eBook, okay? Most importantly.

We record it in videos and we send the email to get them to go and watch the video. We're going to send emails and videos just like this one.

biggest mistake small businesses make when paying for ads

So there's an email that goes out and then it goes through to a landing page like this one, this is Pauline Delaney here, one of my customers. And it goes through to a landing page like this one where you teach or in this case, Pauline is teaching, for three to five minutes, the stuff that's in the eBook.

And then there's little call to action down there on the, the page as well. We'll talk about that in a minute.

Then email number two is another component of the eBook. It's Pauline Delaney here, again, teaching for three to five minutes. And there's another call to action on that page.

And then the third email is another breakdown… another part of that eBook, or the final part of that eBook, that she's teaching there as well.

So not only are we giving the eBook, we are giving video training of the same content that's in the eBook.

Which means we're reinforcing that and developing more of a relationship.

Do you know, on average, how many people click through and download an eBook after they've opted in?

Only 33% of people on average download an eBook after they opt in for it.

And so about the other 70% of people, what are we going to do with them? Just let them go?

Most people will opt in for an eBook and then they think, I don't want to read this. So we're going to give it to them in another format and video is that format.

Why video?

For the voice and image interaction. We're using two senses… so we get to engage with two senses, not just one sense. And we get to spend more time with them on our site. They get to spend more time listening to us.

We get to develop a relationship with them and they get to see our eyes as we're talking to them in the video.

And that's one of the most important things. We start to be able to develop that relationship that’s a bit more personal and you see the person behind it then.

So we've had the action and then we've had the trust. Action is one email and trust is at least three emails. And then we have the conversion phase.

Phase Three: Conversion

And what do you think we're trying to do in the conversion phase? Once we have their trust, what do we want them to do?

We want to get them to do something. We want to persuade them. We want to convert them to whatever our call to action is.

And so we want to be direct here. We want to tell them exactly what we need them to do.

Is it booking a call?

Is it to get onto a webinar?

Is it to buy a product?

Whatever it is, we've got to get them to go there, to the limited offer or whatever it might be.

What Now?

If you're not already including all three of these phases in your follow up campaign, set aside time this week to set this up. (HINT: It can all be automated.)

You may be surprised by the difference it makes and the increased conversion and then income from these leads.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you set this process up in your business, book a free call with us today.

On this call, we'll look at your business's biggest challenge right now in relation to your paid ad results... then I'll help you solve that problem and set out a step-by-step plan to start getting the results you want AND DESERVE.

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