How To Increase Email Open Rates

“How to increase email open rates” is a question we often see being asked.

There are a number of very effective strategies to help you with this, one in particular is often overlooked by most business owners.

Email marketing is an essential part of your marketing, either on its own or, even better, when used along with other effective marketing strategies. Either way, it should be one of your first priorities when your start your marketing.

When used correctly, email marketing can help you to sell more of your own products as well as other people’s products that you sell direct from your business or for a commission or referral fee.

It can also help you get more traffic to your website, webinar or other places you share what you have to offer and therefore improve your advertising return.

In other words, email marketing is an important cornerstone of any business.

Why your open rate matters:

Now, whenever you send an email to your list, the first important goal is to get your subscribers to open that email. This metric is known as your Open Rate and is calculated simply by the number of people who open your email, expressed as a percentage.

For example, if you send your email to 5,000 people and 1,000 people open that email, your open rate is 20%.

To increase email open rates you need to get more people wanting to read your emails.

So… how can you encourage people to open your emails?

The first area to look at is your email deliverability. We’ve previously talked about email deliverability in this post, so make sure you check that out and follow it if you haven’t already done so.

Next, make sure you write awesome subject lines. You want to make your email stand out from all the other emails your subscribers no doubt receive every day. Write subject lines that compel your readers to open your email and read it. (Be bold, but be truthful, of course.)

Keap has a great free tool that you can use to help you come up with enticing email subject lines. You can access this email subject line generator here:

Some business owners put in the extra effort to focus on their email deliverability and killer subject line. But this is where they stop. Today, I’m going to suggest you go that little but further and include another strategy to improve your mail open rates. This strategy is known as foreshadowing.           

What is foreshadowing?

Possibly you’ve heard of this term when talking about movies, books or TV series. In general, the idea is that there are hints about what’s to come in future chapters, episodes, sequels, and so on. This creates curiosity. The viewer or reader is so eager to find out what happens next. They get excited with anticipation of the next chapter, book, episode or movie and can’t wait to see or read it as soon as it’s available.

Have you ever done that yourself? Think about the last time you read a really good book, especially just before bed. You tell yourself, “Just one more chapter.” But then, the end of the chapter comes and you’re so eager to find out what happens next that you keep reading. Before you know it, you’ve stayed up way later than you planned.

With email marketing, foreshadowing is just the same.

You can create interest… create curiosity… even tease your subscribers just a little so they’re eagerly awaiting your next email to find out what’s to come next.

Here’s an example of foreshadowing:

Let’s say we’re writing a series of emails about improving email marketing.

In today’s email we worked on mapping out the topics of the emails we’re going to write. Towards the end of that email we let them know that the next step is to start writing those emails, beginning with the subject line. We then also tell our readers that we’ll cover writing highly converting subject lines in the next email and that they should look for it in their inbox in two days.

There are a couple of things going on here that help with the open rate of that coming email. Firstly, by using foreshadowing, we’re creating interest and getting the reader curious about what’s next.

For someone who’s new to email marketing, or trying to get better at it, learning how to write better subject lines is likely something they’re extremely interested in.

Then also, by sharing with readers when to expect the email, we’re setting expectations for them. This makes it easy for our readers to keep an eye out for the email. If they know when to expect it, they’re less likely to miss it.

By simply adding that one tiny paragraph in one email helps to make sure the next email will get opened.

Of course you can then continue to use the idea of foreshadowing with each subsequent email. Keep hinting at what’s coming next.

Not only will it help with open rates, your subscribers are also less likely to unsubscribe.

Foreshadowing may not be something you do in every email, but start to incorporate it every now and then and see what difference it makes.

Start tracking your email open rates and see how much your open rate increases when you include foreshadowing.

We would love to help you to implement these strategies in your business. Book a free call with us today so we can get a better idea of what you need and how we can help.

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