How To Automate Personal Engagement In Your Small Business

A few years ago I came across a tool that helps me to automate personal engagement in my business. It’s not 100% automated, but to do so would take out the personalisation factor that’s essential here.

Watch this quick video below where I explain all about what this tool is, how to use it, and what a huge impact it can have when it comes to engaging with your customers (or potential customers) and your bottom line:

I want you to write this down…

It’s called Bonjoro.

This is the most wonderful tool I have seen in the last five years, other than Keap and Infusionsoft, of course.

In recent posts I shared with you the 3 biggest mistakes that many businesses are making when paying for leads and the process you need to set up to get the best return for this expense.

Mistake #1 is having no follow up process in place.

Mistake #2 is not having a Call To Action.

And Mistake #3 is not tracking your leads.

So in correcting those 3 mistakes we've got all this process where we're following up with customers and we're sending some videos and this sort of thing. We're trying to make it as personal as we possibly can.

Bonjoro is this app that sits on your phone or sits on your computer. It connects up to your marketing automation system. When someone opts in to your lead generation, we can trigger across to your phone in the Bonjoro app and you swipe it and say something like:

“Hey so-and-so, it's Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. It was really cool to see that you've downloaded my free report on such-and-such. I just wanted to touch base with you and say hi and one of the really cool things that we're finding to [give away a little bit of helpful, relevant information and start developing the relationship straight away.] Anyway, I hope you like the eBook and look forward to hearing your results. Any questions just hit reply and let me know.” 

Do you reckon you'd feel pretty good about your provider if they sent you a personal message like that?

Do you think it’s a good way to start developing a relationship? One hundred percent it is!

I tested Bonjoro out about three years ago on four quotes. I had four quotes that were dead in the water, so to speak. I'd called them. I'd emailed them. I'd SMS them. I'd left messages. I'd followed up three times, gone through this whole process. And I thought, you know what, I'm going to test this out. I'm going to give it a go.

So I sent each of the four of them a video. One of them got straight back to me after he got the video and he said, “Look terribly sorry. I'm not going to go ahead with this.” But I got a reply, which I hadn't got a reply to anything else.

Then the next one I sent to, she said, “Oh my God, thank you so much for sending me a personal message. You know what, I do need to go ahead with this. How do I book in another call so that we can get it sorted?”

Then the third one booked in and became a customer again.

And then the fourth one didn't reply.

So three out of four people replied and two out of those four people – they were dead quotes, remember – came back to me and ended up becoming customers from that exercise.

I hadn’t even paid for Bonjoro yet. It was the free version of Bonjoro and it made me $10,000 just by following up with four people, spending about 30 seconds for each video and sending it out to them. And about maybe an hour or two hours to set it up and get it operating the right way and I made $10,000.

Who wants to do that in their business? One hundred percent!

So the trigger comes to your phone and you can send a personal message. I don't sit here waiting… “Is someone going to opt in? Is someone going to opt in? Is someone going to opt in?”

I just let it go. And for 15 minutes a day, I get onto my phone and I swipe the Bonjoro app and I talk to whoever has gone through. I've used it for event registrations to get people to come along to events and I've used it for so many other things. And the value is so good. The reply I normally get is, “Oh my God, I can't believe you sent me a personal message. This is really cool. I want to do this in my business!”

And so many replies like that, just from the convenience of your phone.

If you're ready to take action and start getting all the paying customers you can handle from your paid ad leads, book a call with us today. 

We'll help you create a step-by-step plan to implement the necessary steps in your business and fast-track your results.

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