Helping your customers now could save your business

It’s time to think differently about how you engage with your customers.

Remember, they still need you…

They’re struggling, too.

Stuck at home, isolated and missing their friends and family.

Missing everything they’ve relied on you to provide.

Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. So you're having some problems at the moment. Your customers are having problems, you're having problems and you're finding it hard to engage with your customers. You know potentially you're struggling about your small business and what's going to happen through this coronavirus period. I want you to think about one thing today and that is, what can you do outside the box? Now, when I say outside the box, what I mean is what can you do for your customers or what can you do for your leads to help them through this period in a group environment where you can engage with more than one person at a time. Now the engagement with more than one person at a time helps you, but it also helps your customers as well and helps your leads as well because they get to connect with other people.

For example, I've got some of my physio and osteo customers, running some weekly classes where exercise classes, stretching classes, set up your desk kind of classes, so that we can make sure that all of those customers are having their bodies in check in a group environment at home. We run it on a Zoom meeting. We get as many people to come along to that session as we can, completely free. We want to give value during this time. So we run these sessions completely free, everyone comes along. You all get to do the exercises. You get to be criticised is not the right word, you get to be assessed and given feedback on the exercises so you can make sure it's doing the right thing for your body, so you're not getting those sore necks and sore backs and everything sitting at your desk.

So I want you to think about what you can do for your customers to help them through this process. Now it could be a weekly group Zoom meeting. It could be a special webinar that you put on for your customers so that you can help them with their problems during this period. It could even be a regular Facebook live where you can advertise to your database, you're going to do a Facebook live, get everyone onto Facebook watching the live, and you answer questions on the Facebook live as well. It can be any of those or something completely outside of the box as well.

So that you can keep your customers healthy, so that you can keep your customers engaged, so that you can keep helping your customers and giving value and almost building this tribe through this period, so that when it comes time to move on from the period, we've got that engagement with our customers there. We've been helping them through, so they're more likely to follow us into the new season.

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