Choosing the right image – Covid19

Finding a way to stay engaged with your contacts is important during this crazy COVID-19 isolation.

You’re probably already sending out regular messages to your database or running regular campaigns – maybe even on social media.

The thing is – coronavirus has changed people.

Your regular style of post is probably not hitting the mark right now.

In fact, it might even be putting your people off.

Sadly, even when you’re doing the RIGHT thing, you can still get it WRONG.

Have you noticed a drop in engagement?

People have stopped clicking on your ads or your links?

Are fewer people even reading your emails?

Your words may not be the problem. Chances are it’s your choice of image.

Hi, Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. Now, a lot of us are sending out regular posts now to our database, which is good. We’re staying engaged with our customers, staying engaged with our leads, so that we can keep building a tribe and helping people, genuine help through this period until the coronavirus is over, til the isolation is over. And then how do we get our businesses back on track after that time?
So the key thing here is staying connected with your database, which we discussed last week, we’ll continue to discuss. But what I want you to think about is the imagery that you were using when you are connecting with your database. Once upon a time we might use images where there are lots of people and everyone’s having fun together and that sort of thing. And it’s a little bit not depressing, it’s a little bit un-engaging or disengaging during this time.
So let’s have a look at some examples. So this one here is two people touching hands. And quite frankly when I see this image, I think, “Oh, that’s not doing their social distancing,” and all of a sudden it becomes a problem for our marketing and our imagery. Same with this one here, working with clinics. What we want to see here is the isolation in our images if we have that so that we can, if we have images that represent that, so that we can see in our imagery, yes it’s safe to go in here because I can be isolated in this environment.
This one is one that I use, speaking on stage quite a bit, and I can’t use this image in my marketing or image in my communications at the moment, because it represents something that automatically makes us feel uncomfortable. So we want to have an image in there that makes us feel comfortable.
Now if we have a look at this one, this is a little bit different, it’s one person, obviously they’re about to take the steps to get to where they need to be. And it’s an example of an image that you could be using that would represent what’s going on right now and not make someone uncomfortable. So it’s super important to make sure our images that we’re using are socially isolated, if that makes sense. So that we’re not putting a wall up with our images. When someone sees that image and they feel uncomfortable from the image, then the message is not going to get through in our communication as well. So just make sure that your images are representative of what’s going on right now.
Now that’s even in, not just in our broadcast emails that are going out to our entire database, but even if we’ve got campaigns running at this point in time as well. I want you to make sure that those images are saying the right thing. Go and change your campaigns if you need to for this coronavirus period, and then change them back later so that you’re not putting that wall up with the wrong sort of imagery.

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