Are you Connecting?

Are you connecting with your audience during these Covid19 times?

There is no doubt that this is a strange, unusual and stressful time for everyone at the moment.  We are all in the same boat without a doubt.

We can however help our customers even more during this time than we ever have done before.  If you don’t get onto it now, you will absolutely struggle as this season ends and your try and switch it back on.

Switch off the generic and make your content in context with what’s going on right now.

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Are you a small business struggling with this Coronavirus downtime or this Coronavirus isolation time that's causing you a little bit of headache and a little bit of pain? Are you worried about how you're going to get through this period and get to the other side and have any customers left or have any connection with those customers?

So, are you selling face-to-face or are you selling online or are you selling your training course? It doesn't matter what it is that your focus is, you're still worried about getting through this period and getting to the other side and having a business left. One of the things I want you to continue to think about all through this period is everyone is in a similar boat. This is affecting every single person out there, every single one of your customers, every single one of your friends, everyone that you know. And to ignore it would be a problem when it comes to communicating with our databases.

So, the first thing I want you to think about is getting back on track with communicating with your database, and making sure you're giving the help that you can and giving the help that your customers need during this time. I want you to think about making your content relevant that's going out to the database and making sure it's addressing the reality right now.

Now, you could be giving tips and support to help your customers through this time rather than just giving the same old content that you would normally give. Make it contextualised to this Coronavirus time and you'll get some better results and better engagement there. Make sure you're using video wherever you can also, so people can get that connection with you, super important.

Right now when everyone's isolated, all they want to do is see people or be around people. So, being able to see you when the content is coming through will absolutely help. Now the next thing as well, if you're just sending broadcasts out to the database, then that works. But if you've got campaigns running, if you've got say an opt-in campaign running or a lead-generation campaign running, I want you to think about making that contextualized in the conversations that you're having to help people with their problems that are happening right now in COVID-19.

So, if we make it more specific to what's going on right now and show people that we understand what those problems are, it's going to help us stay connected with our customers, stay connected with our database. For example, some of my customers are physio's and osteo's and the problem that they're having is people are no longer coming into the clinic. Lots of people are canceling. Lots of people are doing things a little bit differently these days. They work in the city, so they go to a clinic in the city and now they're working from home, that my customer's customers are working from home. And so they're not coming in, they're not getting that engagement.

So, what they're doing is, or what I'm encouraging them to do, is send out some content that's specific to somebody who's working from home. Neck pain, when you're working from home, neck pain, when you're sitting at a dining table, giving some context as to how you can help your customers when they're at home in this new environment. And it's the same in other businesses as well. Are there stresses that you can help people with? Are there struggles that you can help people with in this environment? To just be there for your customers.

So right now is not about driving home the sales time. Right now is about building your tribe and getting engagement time. So whatever we can do, whatever content we can get out there to help on a regular basis, I recommend once a week or once a fortnight during this time is vital to staying connected with your database.

If you've got any questions, just hit reply to the email and let me know. Otherwise, you can book in down below for a free consult where we can help brainstorm some of these for you.

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