How To Maximize Leads, Engagement And Show Up Rates

The ability to maximize leads, engagement and show up rates is essential for business growth. In this video below, discover how Bonjoro can transform your follow-up process and significantly boost your connection and conversion rates.

Hi, Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. Now, you know, I'm all about automating follow up in your business so that you can get more connection and more engagement with your leads to get them to convert into customers. Get more connection, more engagement with people that register for your events so that they turn up to your events and connection. And get more engagement with your customers so that they continue to be customers, they engage in your course or in your product, and they continue to go with you down a journey.

Well, have I got something for you? How would you like to get more engagement with those leads that opt in for your free reports or for your lead magnets? That's number one. 

How would you like to go from say, 30 to 40% show rate on your webinars up to 60 to 70%?

How would you like to get more customer engagement for those customers that aren't giving you the things that you need to help them?

And how would you like to get more engagement from those people? How would you like to get more engagement overall with all the stakeholders in your business? Would that be cool?

Introduction to Bonjoro - Personalize Your Follow-Ups:

So I use this system, I use this tool called Bonjoro. Okay? B-O-N-J-O-R-O. And, there's a link below and you know, there's all information around here. But stay with me just for now. Okay?

I use Bonjoro and one of my customers actually said to me about four or five years ago, she said to me, "Jason, have you tried Bonjoro?" And I said, "No, I don't know what it is, but let me go and check it out."

And I downloaded an account of Bonjoro and I sent a couple of videos. For those of you that don't know, it's a tool where you get the app and I'm using my phone to record, so I'll use my screen as a prop, okay?

My case rather as a prop where you swipe and you record a video and it sends a personalized video to whoever you need. Okay? So that's basically what it does.

Real-Life Success Stories with Bonjoro:

And so the first thing I did, I thought, "Hmm, I don't think this is going to work". But I sent two videos out, okay? I sent two videos to two quotes that I'd quoted and they'd gone dead in the water. I'd emailed them, I'd called them I'd SMS them, and I was getting no response from them whatsoever. I beg your pardon? Three. I sent it out to three. Two of them, I sent the personal message to giving them some more information, asking them some questions. Two of them became customers, one of them did not. I sent three video messages out.

They were about 90 seconds each. And it gained for me about $15,000 in my business!

Okay? So that's number one tool where I use it.

Boost Webinar Attendance with Personalized Videos:

Number two tool, where I use it is mostly for me is when people register for one of my webinars or one of my live events. Now, when I have registrations, I send a Bonjoro to every single person that registers and I send them a personalized message, okay?

In all of this space where we've got AI, you know, doing everything for us and we can automate anything that we can, what we are missing is that personal connection. And so that's why this is really good.

And so by using Bonjoro to send a personalized video message to someone, and I'll show you some more of that in a moment, sending them a personalized video message is getting more bums on seats when it comes to live events, more bums on seats when it comes to webinar registrations and show rate in there as well.

So it's super cool. In actual fact, when I first started using it for webinars, it took me from about 50% show rate up to 60 to 70% show rate on my live webinars. So it's super important to use it in your business.

Maximize Engagement with Lead Magnets and Event Registrations

Other places you can use it. Lead magnets, webinar registrations, live event registrations. When someone becomes a customer, send them a personalized message. Tell them the next steps of what you want them to do. Or for quotes, follow up. When someone books an appointment with you, send them a personalized message of what comes next. Personalized message is the most important thing inside here. Okay?

Here's Exactly How To Use The Bonjoro App:

Let's go and take a look at what it looks like inside the Bonjoro app.

So the first thing you can see there is an empty screen. But in actual fact, what I'm waiting for is a trigger to come across and automatically go into my phone. Just like say an SMS trigger might come onto my phone.

And then what I do is I swipe that trigger and go and record a message. So we set up triggers in our CRMs to automatically send across, but while we're waiting for that trigger to come through, I'm going to go and take a look at what sorts of things you can do inside the Bonjoro app.

There it is there. So we're going to click on that and you can see inside there, there's a few that I didn't do 'cause they were last minute registrations for one of my events. But up the top there, we can see the well, I've have put a few in there as my test account.

You can see there, there's lots and lots of Bonjoros, but here's this one's The 3 Blunders registration. So that was one of my webinars.

An Example Of What To Say In Your Message:

So what I can do is click on this record button at the top, and then I go through to here, and then I click on the record button and I say:

"Hey Jason, it's Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy, I Convert Summit and the follow up formula. And I just wanted to reach out to you for, and congratulate you for registering for my blah blah blah event. The three blunders event it is in this case. And tell you how excited I am to share this information with you. You know, there's there's three big blunders that business are making with their websites that are really affecting them and costing them sales blunder number one, two, and three. Okay? So if you've got any questions, just hit reply and let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you on the event."

And I insert in the event date. This event was actually an event in the past, but I insert that in and then I hit stop there. And you can see at the top there, it's got my video up there. I can't really point to show you, but you can see here, welcome to AME. I can send this on particular templates that I have set up, depending on what my call to action is. And say if my call to action might have been to book in what I should have said in the video is just click on the link down below and book in for your free strategy session. Does that make sense? So click on the link down below and book in for your free strategy session where I can help you with blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Automate and Personalize - The Best of Both Worlds:

Okay? And so immediately all of a sudden we're doing two things. Number one of three things, we're following up with someone who's taken a step in the right direction. And then number two thing is we're telling them about our call to action. And number three, we're giving them a personal message. So like I was saying before, there's multiple and then you just click on confirm and send, and then it goes off and it sends that to the person. Okay? And so it sends that off to them. You can see there it's uploading, and then within minutes it's sent through and it's in their inbox.

So as simple as that, we've sent a video across to someone. We've personalized it, we've automated the trigger. And then we've gone ahead and and sent it through so it's in their inbox. Now, I even go one step further with this sort of thing where if someone doesn't engage - and I use Zapier for this. But if someone doesn't engage within 45 minutes, I send it to them as an SMS as well. I trigger an automation to go and send it to them as an SMS.

Just some super cool things you can do to increase your engagement. To stand out from everybody else and personalize your communications.

Now, when I do this for a webinar, for example, I spend about an hour a day sometimes, depending on how big the webinar is. Sometimes less than that. Sometimes 15 minutes a day.

Why Bonjoro is a Must-Have Tool:

Is it worth 15 minutes a day in your business to go and get more people turning up to your webinars to go and get more people engaging with your lead magnets?

I think it is - 15 minutes a day. I send out, you know, multiple 60 to 90 second personalized videos where it gets engagement, it shows that I care, which I do care about people's businesses, and then and then gives them a call to action to take the next step as well.

Speaking of call to action, if you want to implement this into your business, just go down below this video and you'll be able to see where you can book in for a free strategy session, where we can look at some key points in your business and see whether Bonjoro is going to be a solution for you. See you in the follow up.

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