Top 10 Automation Apps

10 Top Automation Applications to Build Your Business

10 Top Automation Applications to Build Your Business

Since 1977, business failures in the U.S. have declined 30%.

In Australia, Garry Visontay describes tech start-ups as “relatively buoyant and healthy.”

Why the reversal in business fortunes?

No one’s sure. But the smart money’s on the availability of reliable automation tools that provide…

Comprehensive digital platforms that help build small businesses

Forty years ago, running a small business meant overwork and, often, failure.

Today, things have changed, thanks to easy-to-use, full service applications like…

1. Infusionsoft®

The world’s leading automation software for small businesses, Infusionsoft® offers five annual packages, according to your budget and need. Each package helps:

• Launch your business, and scale it fast using real-time analytics
• Manage sales leads, conversions, marketing campaigns and e-commerce pieces
• Create business templates, collect customer data and streamline workflows

In short, Infusionsoft® coordinates all the complex operational data management and scheduling processes while you focus on strategic growth.

Another must-have app is…

2. Zapier

As you scale your business, you’ll need a tool like Zapier to connect and automate all of your application processes and workflows. It lets you:

• Integrate over 750 applications so all your data is always one click away
• Search, save and compile statistics for quick use now or to refer to later
• Share processes and information across apps as you streamline workflows

With Zapier automating your busywork, you can explore apps like…

3. Xero™

Anyone who’s ever tried to reconcile business accounts knows the value of an app that tracks, and manages, cashflow for you—real-time. Use Xero™ to:

• Track sales, bill payments, batch receipts, purchases and inventory history
• Create, and email, purchase orders and recurring (read-receipt) invoices
• Schedule payments to vendors, employees and manage taxes and much more

With Xero™ doing your books for you, you’re ready for…

Applications that manage time and increase curb appeal

4. AppointmentCore

AppointmentCore is a master scheduling app that automates appointments across your Google and Infusionsoft® platforms. It lets you:

• Share your minute-to-minute meeting availability—and stop playing email tag
• Send individual emails, email blasts or campaign invitations to coworkers
• Schedule buffer zones for meeting prep so you’re never overbooked

Another, consumer-driven scheduler is…

5. TimeTrade®

TimeTrade® engages customers on the devices they prefer to do business to “capture customer interest at its peak”. Use it to be cutting-edge competitive and:

• Guarantee successful customer experiences with Omni-channel appointments
• Create ‘we’ve been expecting you’ customer interactions, using in-store tools
• Analyse who’s visited your business, when, and for what, to personalize services

In short, turn browsers into buyers and brand ambassadors. Like you will with…

6. EverWebinar™

Endorsed by Marketing gurus, Russell Brunson and Jeff Walker, EverWebinar™ uses the highest converting marketing techniques to help you:

• Build—and grow—your email lists, qualify prospects and A/B test messaging
• Put your message in front of as many people as you want
• Offer lead magnets that have the feel of interactive, live events

Now that you know how to schedule your time and build your list, you’re ready for…

Experiential tools that help you invite customers to visit

7. Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom provides “one consistent enterprise experience for your business.” With its easy-to-use features you can:

• Unify cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings and cross platform chat
• Provide access for 500 video participants and 10,000 viewers
• Create content-rich events with voice, video and screen sharing options

Another excellent app that helps you provide user experiences and build your list is…

8. Memberium

A plug-in that connects Infusionsoft® with WordPress, Memberium is the membership site building app Ryan Deiss recommends you use to:

• Quickly build an unlimited number of online courses to unlimited students
• Sell an unlimited number of free, paid or trial memberships to build your list
• Offer responsive, scalable courses that don’t require huge amounts of memory

What’s more, members manage their own accounts. Another course-building app is…

9. LearnDash

When it comes to WordPress Learning Management Systems (LMS), LearnDash is ranked #1 in the world. A robust course development tool, it helps you:

• Create, publish, and sell courses according to built-in pricing models
• Provide participants with real-time feedback and award certificates
• Offer “drip-feed content” according to a pre-defined schedule
Simple to use, it’s a reliable course builder. A final courseware creator is…
10. WP Courseware

Developed with ease of use in mind, WP Courseware lives up to its claim that building and selling courses is “As Easy as Drag and Drop!” Use it to:

• Turn your WordPress content into complete fully automated courses
• Give quizzes, export results, track progress, and offer certificates
• Sell courses using your favourite e-commerce and membership plugin

Automated experiential events draw your customers closer to you and to your offer. As such they’re promotional gold.

To learn more about processes to automate, read “9 Things You Should Already Be Automating.”

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