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Our aim is to make Small Business Automation EASY.  Every week another problem.  Every week another solution.  Small bite sized chunks to help you Automate your business.  Spend less time on the repetitive tasks, to free up more time on the human interaction thats vital for Small Business Success. 

How To Increase Appointment Attendances
So you've got people booking in appointments with you, or your team, so that you can help them and then[...]
Business Owners -Your Email Deliverability Solution Is Here
One of the big problems I see people having right now – and one of those big topics that’s out[...]
Is Setting Up A Follow-Up System Worth The Effort?
Here at Automation Made Easy we teach people how to follow up with their leads to get more customers and[...]
What Can You Do To Help Your Customers?
In this video below I share with you a simple strategy to help you during the challenges many business owners[...]
How To Create A Landing Page From Scratch In Keap
One of the features of Keap (previously Infusionsoft) that we absolutely love is the Landing Page builder. Last week we[...]
How To Edit Pages In Keap Landing Page Builder
Keap (previously known as Infusionsoft) includes a Landing Page Builder that makes it super-easy to create and edit landing pages.[...]
Helping your customers now could save your business
It’s time to think differently about how you engage with your customers.Remember, they still need you…They’re struggling, too.Stuck at home,[...]
Choosing the right image – Covid19
Finding a way to stay engaged with your contacts is important during this crazy COVID-19 isolation. You’re probably already sending[...]
Are you Connecting?
Are you connecting with your audience during these Covid19 times? There is no doubt that this is a strange, unusual[...]
Are you seriously not doing this?
In the past few weeks I’ve seen so many businesses making the mistake of not following up or not following[...]
Are you making this mistake in your webinars? Are you struggling to get the results you want in your webinars? Or are you getting a trickle of[...]
How personal are you getting?
In todays world of follow up, automation, we of course try and be as segmented and as targeted as we[...]
Get your emails synced
One of the benefits of working in a CRM like Infusionsoft is the ability to be able to see everything[...]
Are your emails being blocked?
It's an ever increasing problem right now.  Yahoo, google and all other Email Service Providers, are getting more and more[...]
Have your members forgotten about you?
A fully-engaged customer brings you 23% more revenue than your average customer. 23%!Now, sending out an email when you want[...]
Want to increase sales and customer loyalty?
If you want to increase customer engagement, boost your orders and build customer loyalty…Get PERSONAL!Does it work? Sure does!Personalised emails[...]
Are you making this big mistake?
​ For 12 years now I have been seeing this one big mistake repeated over and over again in business.[...]
Do your email stats shape up?
What’s your email delivery rate like?What stats should you be looking at?How do you make it go up?How do you[...]

About Jason Buckner

Jason Buckner is living proof that life doesn’t need to be hard… especially when you automate as much of your life as you can. He is well known for being a lightning fast problem solver and for helping to make his client's life easier through automation.

Whilst working for World Internet Summit, the largest Internet Seminar in the world, he was learning automation techniques from Tom Hua and Brett McFall… but after 12 months the tables had turned and he was teaching them how to do it.

Read the full story here…

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