Nurture and Communicate with Your List

How do you view your email list? Do you see them just as a number or a group of hopefuls that you “hope” will take action? 

You should view them as customers waiting outside the door to your virtual store, wanting to be given reason to visit and buy from you.

Email marketing is one of the highest return on investment styles of engagement, but in order to obtain any sales from your list, you have to work it. To achieve this, you need to nurture your buyers.

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What does nurture mean?

In this instance, nurturing means that you’ll take steps towards encouraging your list to take action. That means not every email you send to your list is a sales communication. It means you are talking to them as you would a good friend. And, it means educating them, one step at a time, to getting them in the door to buy from you.

Email nurturing is a process of communicating with people who have shown some level of interest in what you have to offer. They have come to your site or signed up for emails through your social media. They are not ready to buy, but they want more information or at least to remain in the loop. Why should you nurture them?

  • When you nurture and communicate with your list on a regular basis, you develop a relationship with them. They get to know you and what you have to offer.
  • You build your brand, too. You are communicating with someone as if they are a friend or at least a potential investor.
  • You give them an incentive to visit your site and take some action.
  • You can educate them through emails, but also through webinar offerings, special events, and content portals. You are given them information they want.
  • You become the expert in their eyes and, eventually when they are ready to work with you, you become the solution to their problem.

Nurturing and communicating with your list turns interested people into buyers. It is not something to put off, but sometime to be aggressive about on a regular basis. Are you interacting enough with your buyers?

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