Interaction + Automation =

How Personal Interaction + Automation
= Business Success

How Personal Interaction + Automation = Business Success

Today’s businesses must not only do more, they must do it…in 8 seconds.

That’s how long you have to connect with prospects and position yourself as the solution to their problem.

Which means you must make every second count. How?

Follow the AIDA model to provide personal and automated value to customers at every stage of the sales journey.


The first contact many prospects have with your company is your lead magnet.

It’s your job to personalize your lead magnet to the particular pain points your ideal customer has.

Make it grab their attention. Make it quick and easy. Make it FREE.

And make it one of the four most popular lead magnets:

1. Simple Checklists
2. [How-to] Process Maps
3. Infographics
4. Quick Tutorials

People jealously guard their email addresses. If you want prospects to share them with you, offer something that doesn’t require a lot of work to consume.

Create an optimal lead magnet, then link it to an automated campaign.

Use it to attract prospects to opt into your funnel.

But remember, your prospects aren’t ready to buy. They’re just getting to know you.

You want to entice them deeper into your funnel. And to do that, they need to download your lead magnet and share their contact information.

Once they have, you can begin a one-on-one dialog with them. Starting with an automated series of emails that offer even more ‘helpful’ information.


At this second stage of the sales funnel, prospects are still NOT ready to speak to a member of your sales team.

However they have identified an interest in your company. Repay them for their interest by providing them with more value.

Begin slowly educating them about the features of your company and its products. Demonstrate more about the specific products they’re interested in.

Do this with helpful longer content.

Content you’ve carefully created for prospects in the interest stage of the sales cycle. And have linked to a campaign of automated emails.

Offer prospects clickable links to informative content like:

1. Product webinars
2. Case studies
3. Demo videos

Use your automated business analytics to assess which content receives the most click-throughs—and draws prospects deeper into your sales funnel.

If product webinars are heavily viewed—and lead to more sales—create more of them and send them in your automated email series.

In short, “identify actions that hasten [prospects’] move to the next stage of the sales funnel.” And do more of it.


In the desire stage of the sales funnel, you begin adding personal touches to nurture the prospect.

Your company’s on the short list. You want it to be the only company on the list.

Do that by linking the benefits of your product to its features. Show what makes you remarkable, distinct, and better than your competitors.

Now’s the time for personal attention.

The automated email series you send at this stage should encourage people to speak to someone on the sales team.

1. Trial offers
2. Live demos
3. Proposals and/ or cost estimates

Offer enticements like gift cards or free lunches to encourage customers to meet with your sales team.

And if prospects agree to meet with you, don’t push too hard for sale.

Don’t make the mistake of “focusing on sales at the expense of customer engagement.”

You’re still forming a relationship. Alienate prospects at this stage and all of the helpful automated emails and product materials you’ve sent will have been for nothing.

Try to personally engage prospects. Don’t push them away.


In the fourth and final stage of the sales funnel, everything you’ve done before leads hopefully to the action you want the prospect to take: a purchase.

You’ve worked hard to offer an engaging combination of automated content delivery + personal attention that positions you as helpful, trustworthy and an expert.

Continue fulfilling the promises you made to prospects in the earlier stages of your sales funnel or you jeopardize the relationship you’ve built.
Strengthen your relationship by sending new customers automated campaigns that include:
• Welcome SMS series to introduce new customers to your other products
• Implementation documents that assist them in every way possible
• Guidelines for success that provide extra information… they didn’t expect
Send automated emails containing motivational materials to keep customers excited about their purchase.

Send automated surveys to determine which customers are the happiest. Do more of what they like. And stop doing what they don’t.

Continue providing personal + automated value and “delightful content experiences.”

And set up automated campaigns to ask happy customers to refer you to others…

To learn more about processes you need to automate, read “Why You Need to Automate Your Business (and Let Customers Come to You).”

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