How to reconnect with your forgotten database

When was the last time you communicated with the people on your list?

You’ve probably looked at the database and thought about sending out an email or broadcast but knew they’d wonder who you were…

Of course, you can’t send out a sales email and expect them to respond if you haven’t been engaging with them.

Today I’ll show you how to revive your dormant database.

I’ll even tell you what to say in the first email you send.

It’s all about delivering value so they WANT to read your emails.

So one of the biggest problems I find with businesses with a database is they don't utilize the database, they don't stay connected with the database. And then when they do try and connect with the database, it falls down it becomes a big problem.

And so, all of this marketing that we're doing to get people to come into our business and into our database is wasted if we don't continue the followup as a result of that.

I'm an advocate for regular communication to our database to make sure that we stay connected with them so that when we do have something to help them with or something to sell to them or something to engage with them with.

They're used to receiving good quality content, good quality emails, they click through and get rewarded for that. So we're rewarding them every time.

And the reward might be a good video, cool tip or something like that.

Now the biggest problem as I was saying before is people aren't doing this communication and during this COVID-19 time, it's an ideal time to be reconnecting with our database.

If you haven't been doing it before or you haven't been doing it regularly, that's okay. I want you to start thinking about doing it regularly now.

And so, if you haven't done it before, what we're going to do is do a re-engagement campaign and with the re-engagement campaign, if it's been a month to three months since you've emailed someone, it's an ideal time to reengage.

What we would normally do is send a series of emails.

First one is an apology, "Hey, I said that I was going to do better and I didn't, so I'm committing to doing better now," and I'm going to get these, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, whatever they might be tips out to you so that I can help you during this time.

I said that I was going to do and I didn't, so I'm committing to doing better for you right now. What I'm going to do is start sending you regular content and to help you through this time, but over the next few days, I'm going to send you my top tips so that we can help you through this crazy time and we can move forward and be prepared for coming out of this season. Something along the lines of that in the first email.

And then we send tip one in one email and then two days later we send tip two in another email. Two days later we send tip three in another email.

And so we get to reengage by setting the scene and then sending some good quality content out across those four emails.

And then generally what I like to do is have a course of action or a drive that comes afterwards.

So then we do two emails that are going to drive to get people to take some action, whether that be coming to watch your webinar, whether that be booking for a consult with you, whether that be buy a product that's relevant to the content that you've been sending out.

I don't mind what that drive is, but we should always have a purpose for this as well.

So we want to reengage, and then get people to take some action.

Now those first four emails aren't the only action we want people to take in those first four emails is to click through and get good quality content.

It's only the last little section where we do some drive for those people that have started to engage in our content already.


So if you haven't been communicating with your database, that's okay.

I want you to start thinking about doing it now.

It's an ideal time where you can give so much value for some of your customers in so little time just by thinking about the problems that they're facing.



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