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Follow Up Formula

Jason Buckner presents the private 6 hour coaching session for business owners using webinars already, wanting to generate more leads & fast-track to double their sales from their Existing Webinars.

In this one-of-a-kind 6-Hour Coaching Session, you'll be taught the Follow Up Formula - which means I'll show you step-by-step what I do in my business and that of my clients to increase webinar registrations, turn-up rate and dramatically increase webinar sales…and make it happen all automatically!

And... not a single "guru" uses - let alone teaches - this entire system.

FROM: Jason Buckner, Automated over $25 Million in sales in 10 years.

Give me 6 hours and I'll show how to to double your webinar sales and see results in less than 30 days

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 3pm 

Thursday November 21, 2019

Dear Fri​​​​end,

Look, I know you're tired of all the promises that experts make.

I know you're sick of the strategies that don't work nearly as well as "they" say.

So many people are giving you advice today, that you feel it's almost impossible to know who to trust, right?

So with that in mind, I've created a 6-Hour Coaching Session which changes all this.


Because instead of giving you a "seminar," I instead just show you step-by-step what I do in my clients' businesses to double their webinar sales and free up time all while converting more leads.

And everything can be scaled up to generate even more.

Literally every step clearly laid out for you.

No hype. No theory. Then I back it all up with a $10,000  guarantee - more about this in a moment (but again, this is something which NO-ONE anywhere dares to offer).

And if you'll allow me to buy you a $197 ticket to my new training called "Follow Up Formula LIVE," then what it could mean for you:

> NO more quiet months

> NO more low show rates on your webinars

> NO more sitting back and hoping it will work

​> NO more leads falling through the gaps

> NO more chasing leads, they'll chase you

> NO more wasting money on marketing

​> NO more reducing your prices

> NO more Increasing your advertising spend to get more sales

> NO more hearing the words "I'll think about it" from your prospects

> NO more emails that don't get read

> NO more wasting time on repetitive tasks

> NO more manual -  much more automatic

> NO more dropping the ball on manual tasks and forgetting to do something which costs you the sales

> NO more manual - much more automatic

> NO need for continually checking and following up

> NO need for a big list of contacts

And here's the best part:

> It WORKS every time... even if you're a beginner

> It WORKS even if you're not a technical whizz

> It WORKS even if you are just using the webinar as a tool to generate leads

> It WORKS even if you’ve never used a system before in your business

Instead? A revolutionary way to automate your business to follow up with every single webinar lead, to convert more sales and save you time in the process.  All in a way where 100% of your prospects value & respect you!

Which means, less stress and more sales.

In short, you become a well oiled nurturing machine, (internal and external customers), and you can see results all within the first week.

I call it the " Follow Up Formula " - THE SECRET TO DOUBLING YORU SALES and this is your chance to educate yourself about it.

Why? Because this is the formula that will CHANGE EVERYTHING for you.

If you'd like to discover my 3-step secret for getting more people to attend your webinars, converting more leads, making more sales all while saving your time... just 1-day I will show you exactly how to use my "Follow Up Formula" LIVE.

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 6-hour coaching session will be priceless to you,
and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $200 for your trouble.

Why? Because you'll discover:

> How to nurture every single Webinar lead

> How to follow up with every single customer

> How to get more sales from every new customer

> How to automate all of it and more to free up your time on the things you do best

... and make it start happening within a week.

For the first time discover my secret automation system that will allow you to finally nurture EVERY SINGLE LEAD... on virtual auto-pilot... and all while saving you time.

What makes this event different?

Firstly, no-one has to listen to a sales pitch at this event. There is NO Hidden agenda.

Second, you know how at most seminars you sit there… take notes… and hopefully you take home some ideas?

Well what makes this event different is that I hand you my actual blueprint.

Not a bunch of ideas and concepts.

But what I do in my customers' businesses every day to help them increase their sales... and you can see results within a week.

​See, I've been lucky enough to coach over $25 million in sale across 3 continents, and coach hundreds of students across the world. 

So what I teach you isn't theory.

Which means, LIVE in the room you’ll get the exact system I use for doubling your sales, automatically.  All while freeing up time in your day

And you’ll do it in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

ONE BIG PROMISE: ​This 6-hour coaching session will be worth at least $10,000 to you, and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $200 for your trouble.
And there is NO-ONE anywhere who promises you this, right?

What will you experience?

You'll finally discover how to nurture every single WEBINAR lead to more sales and see results in the first week you (even if right now you think it's impossible).


…leads falling through the gaps, you'll be following up with every single lead.


…getting minimal sales from your marketing campaigns," you'll extract more sales out of every single customer.


…increasing your marketing budget as the only way to increase your sales, you'll be increasing increasing your sales just by following the formula.


…trying to sell your product or service, you'll be nurturing your prospect to realise they need you and what you can do for them.


…leaving your prospects with a bad taste in their mouth, you'll be forming close and genuine relationships.

Better yet, you’ll learn how to implement just 1 marketing strategy to get sales coming in within a week of getting started, or even sooner.

You'll learn the step-by-step system which makes all the difference to CONVERTING MORE WEBINAR SALES, for the lowest budget and in the quickest time.

Which means you'll have exactly the solution to get more sales from your webinars when you leave the room.

Which means you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it as soon as you leave the room.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 3pm 

Thursday November 21, 2019

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 6-hour coaching session will be worth at least $10,000 to you, and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $200 for your trouble

How can you be sure it works?

Now, I have no idea what YOU can do with what i teach.

BUT...Actual proof is what you want to see, right? 

So here are some of my students who have used my Follow Up Formula to increase engagement to MORE THAN DOUBLE their sales - and ALL DONE SUPER QUICK. 

Would you like to know HOW these people are getting these results?

I'll show you LIVE exactly how it's done... and how you can do it too.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 3pm 

Thursday November 21, 2019



ONE BIG PROMISE: This 6-hour coaching session will be worth at least $10,000 to you, and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $200 for your trouble

Why attend and why is it so revolutionary?

Because I hand you a system.

Not theory.

Not feel-good stories.

Not high-fives and dancing.

Just a clear step-by-step system for you can begin applying it as soon as you leave

You have literally never experienced an event... or a client-attraction system... like this before.

And to get you off to a great start, you'll receive 3 exclusive bonus gifts as soon as you register:

AND... To give you incredible value, I'd like to start training you
BEFORE we meet. Would that be okay?

So as soon as you register, I'll enrol you in my special online pre-training - a $197 value - MY GIFT TO YOU.  

And it starts tomorrow, so be sure to register right now so that you don't miss out

Over 3 days, I'll give you exclusive access to the 3 private classes below.

Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #1 

How to Increase  Deliverability

When you watch this special training, you'll discover how to improve your email deliverability almost immediately.

Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #2

How To Increase Engagement

It’s simple; to get better results you have to increase your engagement. I’ll show you three simple steps you can take straight away to increase engagement in your emails to get better results.

Special PRE-TRAINING Gift #3

How To free up
1 hour per day

Most small business owners find it difficult to manage time. And this threatens the long-term future of your business. So let me show you the simple secret you can use to start freeing up your time straight away.

WHO is this 1-day workshop for?

It's for you if you are:

> Already selling from Webinars in any Niche

> Already using Webinars to Generate leads

> Coach and consultant using webinars in any niche

> Small Business using webinars in any niche

> Or in some way, you are in charge of getting customers into a business and keeping them there

> And you are using webinars as a tool to get more leads or get more sales

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 6-hour coaching session will be worth at least $10,000 to you, and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $200 for your trouble 

How this 1-day workshop helps:

What does this event do for you?

> Teaches you you a 3-step system to more sales and freeing up time in your business

> Shows you how to simply connect with your customers so well they want more from you

> No more unanswered questions

> No more quiet periods in your business

> No more wasted money on marketing

> No more leads falling through the gaps

> Shows you how to free up your time while converting more sales and getting more customers

ONE BIG PROMISE: This 6-hour coaching session will be worth at least $10,000 to you, and if you don't agree, I'll hand you $200 for your trouble 

"Why don't I need to pay for my ticket?"

For a limited time, I will BUY you a $197 ticket to my event.

Why? Because we do not know each other yet. So, I'm going to take the responsibility for starting our relationship and pay for your seat. 

This way you have no reason NOT to attend.

Then maybe in the future sometime we may decide to do business together.  Maybe. Maybe not.

This is a REAL $197 value. So please only take it if you seriously want to change your results. Because when you arrive, I'm going to treat you like a paying client.

So bring your A-game and be ready to walk away with discoveries that will change your business forever.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 3pm

Thursday November 21, 2019

SPECIAL $197 GIFT! Starting tomorrow, you'll get access to my 3-part PRE-TRAINING. 
So before we meet, you'll already be up to speed. But... you need to register now in order to get it.

Who is Jason Buckner?

Jason has been growing businesses, while systemising and automating incomes for over 20 years.

Jason worked for the largest Internet Seminar in the world, World Internet Summit, where he automated 15,000+ attendee tickets. He personally managed over 75 seminars and managed the automatic processing of more than $15,000,000 in sales. 

He is the secret weapon desperate businesses call in to “clean up the mess.” And he loves it. Where most people would run away, Jason is quick to roll up his sleeves, and find the holes and fix them. His experience in running a chain of retail stores in Sydney for 7 years, AND 8 years working for World Internet Summit gives him great empathy for fellow business owners.

And his 5 years project managing large format digital print, creating systems and solutions for large retailers, and working for galleries across Australia helps him to identify the best systems to implement for his clients to get the best results.

Jason has spoken on stages around the world (Australia, USA, UK and Thailand) about the benefits of business automation and has inspired thousands of businesses to reclaim their lost time.

LIVE ON STAGE - 9am till 5pm

Thursday November 21, 2019

PLUS! Starting tomorrow, you'll get access to my 3-part PRE-TRAINING valued at $197. 
So before we meet, you'll already be up to speed!

AUSTRALIA: PO Box 1158 Thornbury VIC 3071

PLEASE NOTE: Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on what you do with what you learn at this FREE event, plus the time you devote to the ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. This event is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook™.

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