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A simple technique to get you 25% more sales

In todays market, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, its the same problem.  Getting leads is hard.  Getting sales is even harder.  

So wouldn’t you want to make sure that you do absolutely everything that you can to convert the leads that you do get?

​In todays short video I teach you 1 simple step you can take to potentially help you convert 25-35% more sales, almost automatically.

​Wouldn’t it be worth it to implement it into your marketing today?

Using SMS in your Communications – The EASY way

Did you know that SMS's get a staggering 98% read rate, with over 90% of those read in the first 3 Seconds?

Thats far greater than our traditional email marketing, wiht stats on average around 20-30%. Watch the video below to see how to add SMS broadcasting Automatically into your campaigns the cheap and EASY way

The Link you need when setting up:

Copywriting: Outsourcing for Maximum Results at a Minimum Cost

How much time do you spend trying to create highly effective copy for your website? You may know that every word matters on these websites and you know that there is incredible value in having the right combination of factors such as SEO, sales language, and calls to action. But, be honest with yourself.

If you are spending countless hours on the copywriting for your website you are losing time and losing money. What's more, unless you have a high level of experience, chances are good you are not going to produce the highest level of product.

Again, be honest with yourself. Is your copy what you want it to be? Again being even further honest with yourself, do you really know what it takes even to get the right copy onto your site that is actually going to make sales?

Outsourcing Works

A better step to take for many of today's website owners is to outsource. Outsourcing your copywriting does not have to be a difficult process, but it can offer some key advantages to your website:

  • You'll get to use an experienced professional how knows the market and knows how to convince people to take action. In other words, they are experts.
  • You'll be working on your product or service longer and spending less time fretting over the words on the blog or on your website. That means you have more time to do exactly what you need to grow your business.
  • By freeing up your time and giving yourself a better finished product, you increase sales. What's more, you shouldn't assume that outsourcing is over your budget. Chances are good, it's not!

When you consider all of these reasons, you know that your business can only grow rapidly if you take advantage of outsourcing. What's more, you'll find that it can give you the ability to provide better direction to the content and gives you the opportunity to convert more of your traffic.

Take the time to really consider what your options are when it comes to copywriting. You could spend a few hours a week learning how to write your own copy or you could give yourself a break and take advantage of the benefits outsourcing can offer.

Keywords in your Business: Are You Using Them on Opt in Forms?

Most marketers know the importance of solid keyword usage. You use it on your sales or landing page. You use it throughout your blog. Are you using keywords enough, though, on your website?

Opt in forms are one of the most common places where users don’t incorporate keywords and that could be a big risk for creating solid content that converts visitors into buyers. Keep in mind that these pages should also include the use of keywords because this is a highly valuable location to do so.

Here are a couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • Any page on your site that will be accessible to the search engines should include keywords on it.
  • You should be using the same types of keywords (and usually the same keywords) on this page as you could on any other page of your site.
  • You can and should include keywords related to the goal of the page (to sign up for ….)
  • Keywords should be a part of your meta tags and titles for these pages and components as well.
  • You need to update and keep your keywords on target for your site at all times.

In short, it’s quite a common mistake to place keywords on just some pages of a website. Are you using them on your contact page, your blog, and your landing page? They should be a part of every step of the marketing process – which includes ensuring each page of your site are ranking properly.

And, a final note – don’t forget the research. In order for keywords on these pages to be effective, they need to be researched based on your audience, the competition, and the product. If you are not doing enough research, it could be costing you.

Top 5 Online Tools for Business

It’s time to take your product business to the next level. You want to get more organized so that you can streamline the process though. To do that, you need the right tools in place to help you through the process. Here’s the breakdown. These are the top online tools for businesses. Are you using these yet?

#1: World Internet Office

This product is perhaps the best option for shopping cart software and overall ecommerce software. It provides you with some very big benefits including various package offers and affiliate tracking. This can really help you to launch your product and manage it every step of the way.

Its great because it can grow with your business. Generally, you just want to get started with an autoresponder and choice is defined by price. Its important to choose automation software that’s going to grow with your business. If you choose software that’s only an Autopresponder, when it comes time to add in a Shopping Cart, and an affiliate program, you really want it all in one software. World Internet Office can manage all of these and grow with your business.

#2: Time Trade

Time Trade is a highly effective solution for personalizing the interactions you have with your customers. It is a method of interacting, shopping, and otherwise interacting by appointment. This tool is an online appointment scheduling tool that’s very versatile.

What it does is links in with your calendar so you can easily manage your availability, then when someone wants to book in some time with you, all you do is send them a link and they can choose the most appropriate time. You choose how long, you choose when you are available, the customer chooses what suits them, then it goes straight into your calendar.

Great for consultants!

#3: Xero

This software is highly intuitive. It is an accounting software tool and online bookkeeping solution that makes it very easy for small businesses – including online businesses – to balance their books without the frustrations and time investment that manual systems take. It’s all online, easy to use, and requires no professional setup.

Xero has so many apps that can add on to automate your business, it’s a dream.

#4: Dropbox

When it comes to sending content to another person, you need a simple solution that anyone can use. Dropbox does that. It allows you to send and access files anywhere. And, it allows for file sharing of even very large files. It even allows you to collaborate with others on the same file at the same time.

Dropbox is also great for File Sharing so it means collaborative works are much easier, not just within the same office, but across the world.

#5: Zapier

How much do you do during the course of a day? In short, Zapier works to automate tasks between multiple platforms. It helps to connect the apps you use so that they can share information and simplify the way you do business.

Bonus #6

I cant go without telling you about Infusionsoft.

Where World Internet office is great for startup businesses where time and cashflow is a problem, but you still need minimum automation function, Infusionsoft takes it to the next level. Not only can it be used as a tool to automate your sales processes, its also a full small business marketing automation and CRM suite.

I swear by it if you are already in business.. Have cash flow coming in to support the marketing spend. Have a few employees or contractors, however just cant seem to grow without a big expense of extra staff.

With Infusionsoft you can automate your sales processes, your internal processes, have all of your customer data available to you at your fingertips. It saves time, energy and money without a doubt, however also helps you grow your business by removing those repetitive tasks. Its also connectable. So gone are the days of not having your systems talk to each other.

What it means most however is time. Once you’ve used it its gone.

If you are not using the above in your business, or at least some combination of them, then you are likely doing your business a disservice. Additionally, you’ll want to be connecting all of your tools together to get the most value of automation, that's where zappier comes in. If its new to you, it will absolutely change your business.​

Which of these tools are you using? Which ones will you implement today to start building your business?

Take Action

How are you working, right now, to improve your business?You may be spending a good deal of time and money learning a system thatworks and putting it in place. You are spending your time focused on the product. That’s a good thing, of course, but it is not all you need to do. In short, you also need to take action and addressyour own limitations. What’s holding you back? Chances are good you need to make a few improvements to these areas.

Putting Your Action Into Place

No matter what you are learning, what you are aiming to create, or how successful your products are right now, if you do not take the following steps, you may be limited in your long term success.

  1. Get the most out of yourself. Do you truly put your heart and soul into projects? Are you ready to dedicate your life to your potential outcome?
  2. Have you defined your why? Why are you doing this? Why does this matter to you? Why are you working towards these goals?
  3. Set goals. You’ve heard it before, goals are essential to success because they give you direction and give you a path to walk towards your ultimate outcome.
  4. Are you managing your time wisely? This is a very big concern for nearly all business owners. You need to put your time into what is truly turning you a pro fit or helping you to achieve your goals.
  5. Are you tracking your progress? If you do not have clearly defined steps in place that allow you to see your progress, how do you know if you are getting anywhere?

There is no doubt that having a quality product matters. It also matters when you have the motivation and dedication to excel. Yet, you also need to make key decisions about yourself, your goals, and your desired outcome.By putting these steps in place, you can achieve more of what you want to achieve within your business.

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