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Let customers come to you

Why you need to Automate your Business
and let customers come to you!

Given today’s scaled-down business model, if your business hasn’t automated manual, labour-intensive processes, it’s poised for failure.

A 2015 study conducted by the Office of the Chief Economist supports this statement. A full 60% of Australian businesses are non-employing, one-man operations. Another 25% are micro-enterprises, which only employ between 1 and 4 employees.

Which means 85% of Australian businesses have few workers—if any—available to perform hundreds of daily tasks.

Sole Traders

Non-employing, one-man operations


Employing between 1 - 4 employees

All businesses have  few workers

Australian businesses have few workers to preform the daily tasks

If your business is one of the 85%, automating your internal processes is not only essential, it’s critical to your survival.

Luckily, deciding which processes to automate is as simple as...

Following the 80/20 rule to rack the shotgun

Sales and marketing guru, Perry Marshall, learned the hard way he needed to

Following his 80/20 rule, the most valuable tasks for you to focus on involves human interaction, or relationship-building. Simply put, you need to spend

Simply put, you need to spend:

working directly with the right people: customers who’ve expressed an interest in your offer, and

focussed on strategic tasks like setting up, analysing and responding to the results your automated processes have yielded.

Marshall claims that customers who express interest in your business have racked their proverbial shotgun in your direction. Which is to say, they’ve signalled your business is in their sights by opting into your sales funnel.

Now it’s your job to keep them in your funnel. They identified themselves as your ideal customers when they expressed an interest in your services. Keep them by giving them the personal attention they deserve—and 80% of your time.

To do this, automate the processes that attract, and keep, ideal customers with you.

Which processes?

  • Lead generation
  • Downloadable product delivery
  • Front end email marketing (autoresponder series)
  • Re-engagement email series
  • Order device payment processes
  • Scheduled content delivery
  • Requests for feedback and testimonials
  • Upsell opportunities

As the above list shows, you should spend 20% of your time writing, or designing sequences of, repetitive processes and then automate them to run when needed. This frees up hours you can devote to existing customers. And attracting new ones.

Gone are the days when you had the personnel, or the time, to spend all day cold-calling prospects to achieve a 1-3% appointment setting rate for every 100 calls.

Now 80% of your efforts should be focussed on…

Triggering your audience to see who responds

Your automated lead magnets attract potential customers into your sales funnel. Once they’ve self-identified their interest in your product, it’s time for you to start building relationships with them.

And you do that by sending new prospects automated email series that welcome them to your business, thank them for their patronage and offer them more opportunities to engage with your offer.

You’ve begun a sales conversation and a relationship you will develop as your prospects progress deeper into your sales funnel. The closer your prospects get to the sale, the more personal attention you need to pay them. And the more automated the process needs to be for you to have the time to devote to customer interactions.

Let your automated processes handle the low-level grunt work. While you dedicate yourself to spending the time it takes to help make the sale.

Such as moments when you, or your employees, need to:

  • Follow up on incomplete online orders
  • Offer assistance to participants who attended free webinars, but didn’t buy
  • Respond to customer inquiries regarding products
  • Manage order cancellations
  • Contact existing customers whose credit cards are about to expire
  • Provide personal help to customers experiencing systems difficulties

Building relationships is where the real value is. Because relationship-building creates loyal customers who trust you, will refer you to others, and will buy again from you themselves.

As Brian Gladhu says, modern businesses must “automate processes, not relationships.” Automate low-level tasks to allow prospects to explore your business and buy from you, quickly and easily. And save your time and efforts to build personal relationships with potential and recurring customers.

In other words, to keep your sales pipeline full, you need to...

Become an authority your customers recognize and trust

So, there you have it.

To be successful in today’s business climate, stop calling on customers, hat in hand. Instead, position yourself as an authority and let customers come to you by automating your front-end lead generation and internal processes.

Automate tedious processes to have the time to give personal attention to the customers you’ve attracted. Learn what customers want today, and you can deliver it tomorrow.

To learn more about how to personalize and automate each stage of your sales funnel, read “How Personal Interaction + Automation = Business Success.”

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