Sales Funnel Automating Your Webinars

Webinars are one of the best tools you have for marketing your product or service and luring in your prospects to be actual buyers. Yet, many times, businesses just don't use them enough. You may believe, like many others, that webinars require you to spend a large amount of time not only creating them but actually running them. Do you have hours and hours a day to dedicate to the process?

Here's the missing piece - you simply do not have to.

Automation is exactly the tool you need to truly achieve the type of success you are looking for in terms of using webinars. Having the ability to automate webinars can be very empowering. You don't need to be on the webinar but you'll be able to host it. You don't have to take away from your very busy schedule to host a live webinar but you still get to provide the information and resources in the form of a webinar.

Even better, you can create a pre-built instant webinar sales funnel.

That is, you do not have to have a registration process, webinar page, replay page, etc. Rather, you can use a simple tool that allows you to make creating, running, and replaying webinars very easy.

Why Should You Automate Your Webinars?

Not sure that automation is right for you in this area? Today's technology makes it possible for you to add in features of traditional webinars into an automated process. This includes automating the entire event and live streaming events. In the case of live streaming, you can partially automate the process, which gives you the ability to have more flexibility in your time but still the opportunity to interact with your clients.

To ensure it works well, remember these rules:

• Host a few live events to get a feel for what the questions are and what you want to convey.

• Make sure every component of the process is evergreen. You don't want information to be presented in a way that it seems old.

• Watch out for lapses in engagement with your webinar.

• Get some good Software to run it!

With these tools and with a few more tricks, you will find that automating webinars is one of the best moves you can make. It may even help you to convert at a significantly higher level.

Again with webinar software you can get some good, some bad and some ugly… In the middle of the market is Ever Webinar, that runs via google groups and is very easy to use.

The Most Common Stumbling Blocks to Success

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t want to succeed. Success can be elusive, because there are so many obstacles to success. These obstacles aren’t fatal, but they greatly decrease progress. When these obstacles aren’t avoided, the resulting frustration can make the average person consider quitting altogether.

Avoid these 9 common stumbling blocks to success:

​Stumbling Block 1: Not Doing Enough

Highly successful people are notorious for outworking everyone else. Success can be simple, but it often requires long hours of hard work. If you’re not known for your work ethic, the solution to your lack of success might simply be to do more. Be smart in your approach, but also be determined to outwork your competition

​Stumbling Block 2: A lack of consistency

You can’t follow a diet 50% of the time and expect to reach your weight-loss goal. Your efforts must be consistent if success is the objective. Create daily habits and stick with them.

  • Measure your consistency as well as your progress. Notice how they correlate

​Stumbling Block 3: Having too many goals

Serving too many masters can result in poor results. Decide which of your objectives is most important and concentrate your efforts accordingly. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. After you’ve accomplished your top 2 or 3 objectives, you can return to the others

​Stumbling Block 4: Unclear objectives

If you’re uncertain about what you want, your results will be limited. Be very clear about your goals. It’s all in the details. Can you clearly define your goals without having to think about them? Could you just rattle your goals off to another person? Do you have them written down? Will it be clear when you’ve accomplished them?

​Stumbling Block 5: Limiting Beliefs

Doubt and uncertainty are very limiting. Negative thoughts provide negative results. Keep your thoughts and expectations positive.

  • When you think about achieving a big goal, what are the thoughts that run through your mind? Do you feel motivation or a sense of dread? Is your self-talk positive or negative?
  • Do you believe you can be successful? Do you believe you can be highly successful? What’s stopping you from being the most successful person you know?

​Stumbling Block 6: Failing to get expert advice

Whether you want to make $100 million, swim the English Channel, or learn how to waltz, there are people that have accomplished those very things. It only makes sense to get their assistance.

​Stumbling Block 7: Taking shortcuts

The key to reaching your goals faster is to work harder and smarter. However, trying to skip steps can lead to disaster. Success is accomplished one step at a time.

​Stumbling Block 8: Sticking to methods that aren't working

Be attached to your outcome, but avoid being attached to the process. Your first guess on how to achieve your goal probably won’t be correct. Change your plan if you’re not getting the results you want. Use what works and discard what doesn’t.

​Stumbling Block 9: Fear

Fear can show itself in many ways. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of how your friends and family will treat you if you’re successful. Fear of approaching new customers. Fear of criticism.

  • Determining the source of your fear will make it easier to overcome. What are you afraid of and why?
  • Less obvious symptoms of fear include fatigue, procrastination, forgetfulness, and a lack of motivation.

Be clear on your objective and be willing to put in the necessary time and effort. Address any limiting beliefs and fears before they become an issue. The stumbling blocks to success can be overcome or avoided. Ensure your success by educating yourself about the potential barriers in your way.

Sales Funnels – Incorporating Webinars

Creating thautomate_sales_funnelle ideal sales funnel means knowing your reader and giving them what they need in the right format to teach them, but also to entice them. One of the tools that we are seeing a great deal of success with recently is the use of webinars. Webinars are not as overwhelming as they may sound. As a business owner, you may find they are one of the most effective tools available to you to really land your client and buyer.

Let’s say your email marketing campaign has gotten people back in to your website. They have learned a good deal about your brand and what you have to offer. They know you, but they haven’t’ taken that final step of working with you. Webinars are best for those situations where you are actually already working with people – they already know of you even if they have never actually worked with you.

Webinars are a very highly valuable because they:

  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise, which really is valuable when you want people to buy from you
  • Communicate an important need; most seem to be very valuable and are very desired by those who use it
  • Create and build on your brand and help your viewers to actually continue to work with you

In short, webinars are highly effective because they allow you to become the expert. And, they work. When people attend webinars, they participate with you, your brand, and your product. They see the value that you have to offer. And, they love it.

Ultimately, webinars are a highly effective tool at turning your prospects into those who really do want to be a part of your interactions. More so, a well-created and highly valuable webinar isn’t a onetime deal. You can use the same one multiple times to achieve the results you want. This means it continues to do something for your business and, of course, is a key component in automating your website.

There are many easy to use webinar software tools on the market, however you tend to pay for what you get.  At the cheaper end of the market you can get a good price however bad technology and problems.  The Middle of the Market is Webinar Jam Studio.  You can sign up for a reasonable yearly rate for webinars that are run via Google Groups.

Of course at the top end of the market Go to webinar – However be careful its expensive..

The best thing about webinars now as well, is once you have the format right, simply record it and Automate the process.  So the Sales funnel can become automatic, without your involvement.

Free Report Giveaways: What Should I Be Giving Away?

When it comes to getting people to sign up, it's all in the way you bring them in. Free report giveaways are one of the most effective tools available today because - who doesn't want free relevant information? But, as a website owner or product seller, you may not have such a report on hand or any idea what to include in such a report. The good news is it doesn't have to be long, challenging, complex, or even hard to do. It does have to be focused to what people are searching for and relevant.

Why do you need to give away a report?

When you provide a free report giveaway like this you accomplish several key things:

1. You prove that you have the information that the customer wants and needs to solve his or her problem.

2. You are giving something away and in return you are securing their email and permission to send them additional information.

3. You are establishing a solid foundation for support and communication that will pay off in marked returns.

But, the question you may have is what type of report should it be? You don't want to give away your trade secrets here. That's what you hope your customers will actually pay for. Rather, the report should give them a taste of what's to come. For example, if you have a step-by-step solution to curing a disease, create a report that details why every other treatment isn't effective or is lacking something. At the end position your solution and how effective it is.

A good tip when marketing your free report is to focus on the pain that people are trying to move away from. Do you have a website that is not converting? Are you suffering from terrible back pain? Are you a slow swimmer and just aren’t getting any faster?

In other words, your report needs to tempt them and educate them. It needs to help support your product or service while also providing real information that's helpful. Most importantly, provide something that's truly worthwhile. You want to prove to your audience that you really do have the information that they need and want.

What Opt in Forms are Getting the Best Results?

Opt in forms are the bread and butter of your website. This is where people who visit your website will take action and sign up for a service, product, or information. In most cases, it is this signup that makes the biggest difference in just how successful your marketing and promotions will be. That's why it is so valuable to have the right tools in place every time. What type of opt in form should you be using?

Before we talk about the tools however lets take a look at the 3 key steps to having the right opt in form on your website, for maximum lead generation

Step 1 - Only Provide a solution to 1 problem

Remember, prospects are coming to your website looking for information.  If your marketing is working properly they are looking for a quick fix, and a solution to one thing at a time.

Your prospects are searching and looking for a solution to their problem and just need a little taste of what they can expect on your website.  The rest, they can actually get from your website.

1 problem : 1 Solution : 1 Opt in form​

Step 2 - Keep it Quick & Simple​

Think to when you are searching online.  Generally you are looking for a quick fix to your problem yes?..... How annoying is it when you opt in for a quick fix, and end up wiht way too much information to consume there and then?.. You put it down, and never come back to it...

So why would you make it complex?  Keep it simple, Keep it consumable within about 15 minutes.  

Baby steps for moving forward, ​however make it a step forward.

Step 3 - Keep it in line with your website

If your website is about food, make your opt in about food....

The opt in form, the report, the website, must all align with each other.  Remember a confused customer never buys.  Have mixed messages within your sales funnel and you will have confused customers...

​There are many ways to get your opt in forms on the web.  For me, using WordPress Thrive certainly stands out as the simplest way to get converting modern forms onto your website.

Why Thrive Stands Out

The Thrive Opt-in feature is perhaps one of the most attractive and sought after of all forms. The reasons for this are many including because it is easy to use, responsive, and highly effective. Here are a few key reasons why Thrive works so well:

· It's quite versatile, but simple. It is a plug-in that is easy to put into place, making it something anyone can use.

· It allows you to create engaging opt in forms that stand out and have a big impact on your visitors.

· You can place these on various areas of your website, giving you a good deal of freedom overall. This makes it easy to do a split test as a way to monitor your success or to try out various forms.

· You have ample templates to select from. This gives you the ability to stand out and customize your space.

· It uses shortcode placement, which simplifies the overall process.

Overall, Thrive opt-in forms are easy to put into place, easy to organise, and easy to customise. They help you to stay overall focused. The ability to customise the form is really one of the best features of this product because, quite frankly, it is much more versatile and faster to get into place. You do not have to have a great deal of experience to use these.

But, most importantly, Thrive's forms really do get results. They are engaging enough to get more signups and that's quite essential in nearly all website designs.

Interview – Matt Taylor – Make it a System

Automate Weekend AIR - Matt Taylor - The King of Outsourcing

As you know I’m all about Automating your online business so you can live the lifestyle that comes with it.

Don’t spend all those hours “Doing” when you could have software “Automating” it for you.

Well shouldn't the same principal apply to those things you can't automate, but aren't an expert in yourself?

I’d like to invite you to listen to an interview I recorded with with Matt Taylor from Micro Niche Mastery. 

Matt is the King of Outsourcing!  He's got many years experience in outsourcing the complete set up of businesses just like yours.

Listen now to hear Matts 3, don't start working in your business without them, tips! Or is that don't Start working ON your business without them?

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