Helping your customers now could save your business

It’s time to think differently about how you engage with your customers.

Remember, they still need you…

They’re struggling, too.

Stuck at home, isolated and missing their friends and family.

Missing everything they’ve relied on you to provide.

Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. So you're having some problems at the moment. Your customers are having problems, you're having problems and you're finding it hard to engage with your customers. You know potentially you're struggling about your small business and what's going to happen through this coronavirus period. I want you to think about one thing today and that is, what can you do outside the box? Now, when I say outside the box, what I mean is what can you do for your customers or what can you do for your leads to help them through this period in a group environment where you can engage with more than one person at a time. Now the engagement with more than one person at a time helps you, but it also helps your customers as well and helps your leads as well because they get to connect with other people.

For example, I've got some of my physio and osteo customers, running some weekly classes where exercise classes, stretching classes, set up your desk kind of classes, so that we can make sure that all of those customers are having their bodies in check in a group environment at home. We run it on a Zoom meeting. We get as many people to come along to that session as we can, completely free. We want to give value during this time. So we run these sessions completely free, everyone comes along. You all get to do the exercises. You get to be criticised is not the right word, you get to be assessed and given feedback on the exercises so you can make sure it's doing the right thing for your body, so you're not getting those sore necks and sore backs and everything sitting at your desk.

So I want you to think about what you can do for your customers to help them through this process. Now it could be a weekly group Zoom meeting. It could be a special webinar that you put on for your customers so that you can help them with their problems during this period. It could even be a regular Facebook live where you can advertise to your database, you're going to do a Facebook live, get everyone onto Facebook watching the live, and you answer questions on the Facebook live as well. It can be any of those or something completely outside of the box as well.

So that you can keep your customers healthy, so that you can keep your customers engaged, so that you can keep helping your customers and giving value and almost building this tribe through this period, so that when it comes time to move on from the period, we've got that engagement with our customers there. We've been helping them through, so they're more likely to follow us into the new season.

Choosing the right image – Covid19

Finding a way to stay engaged with your contacts is important during this crazy COVID-19 isolation.

You’re probably already sending out regular messages to your database or running regular campaigns – maybe even on social media.

The thing is – coronavirus has changed people.

Your regular style of post is probably not hitting the mark right now.

In fact, it might even be putting your people off.

Sadly, even when you’re doing the RIGHT thing, you can still get it WRONG.

Have you noticed a drop in engagement?

People have stopped clicking on your ads or your links?

Are fewer people even reading your emails?

Your words may not be the problem. Chances are it’s your choice of image.

Hi, Jason Buckner here from Automation Made Easy. Now, a lot of us are sending out regular posts now to our database, which is good. We’re staying engaged with our customers, staying engaged with our leads, so that we can keep building a tribe and helping people, genuine help through this period until the coronavirus is over, til the isolation is over. And then how do we get our businesses back on track after that time?
So the key thing here is staying connected with your database, which we discussed last week, we’ll continue to discuss. But what I want you to think about is the imagery that you were using when you are connecting with your database. Once upon a time we might use images where there are lots of people and everyone’s having fun together and that sort of thing. And it’s a little bit not depressing, it’s a little bit un-engaging or disengaging during this time.
So let’s have a look at some examples. So this one here is two people touching hands. And quite frankly when I see this image, I think, “Oh, that’s not doing their social distancing,” and all of a sudden it becomes a problem for our marketing and our imagery. Same with this one here, working with clinics. What we want to see here is the isolation in our images if we have that so that we can, if we have images that represent that, so that we can see in our imagery, yes it’s safe to go in here because I can be isolated in this environment.
This one is one that I use, speaking on stage quite a bit, and I can’t use this image in my marketing or image in my communications at the moment, because it represents something that automatically makes us feel uncomfortable. So we want to have an image in there that makes us feel comfortable.
Now if we have a look at this one, this is a little bit different, it’s one person, obviously they’re about to take the steps to get to where they need to be. And it’s an example of an image that you could be using that would represent what’s going on right now and not make someone uncomfortable. So it’s super important to make sure our images that we’re using are socially isolated, if that makes sense. So that we’re not putting a wall up with our images. When someone sees that image and they feel uncomfortable from the image, then the message is not going to get through in our communication as well. So just make sure that your images are representative of what’s going on right now.
Now that’s even in, not just in our broadcast emails that are going out to our entire database, but even if we’ve got campaigns running at this point in time as well. I want you to make sure that those images are saying the right thing. Go and change your campaigns if you need to for this coronavirus period, and then change them back later so that you’re not putting that wall up with the wrong sort of imagery.

Are you Connecting?

Covid 19

Are you connecting with your audience during these Covid19 times?

There is no doubt that this is a strange, unusual and stressful time for everyone at the moment.  We are all in the same boat without a doubt.

We can however help our customers even more during this time than we ever have done before.  If you don’t get onto it now, you will absolutely struggle as this season ends and your try and switch it back on.

Switch off the generic and make your content in context with what’s going on right now.

Need help with this?

Book in a Free no obligation strategy session to create a plan for your business 

Are you a small business struggling with this Coronavirus downtime or this Coronavirus isolation time that's causing you a little bit of headache and a little bit of pain? Are you worried about how you're going to get through this period and get to the other side and have any customers left or have any connection with those customers?

So, are you selling face-to-face or are you selling online or are you selling your training course? It doesn't matter what it is that your focus is, you're still worried about getting through this period and getting to the other side and having a business left. One of the things I want you to continue to think about all through this period is everyone is in a similar boat. This is affecting every single person out there, every single one of your customers, every single one of your friends, everyone that you know. And to ignore it would be a problem when it comes to communicating with our databases.

So, the first thing I want you to think about is getting back on track with communicating with your database, and making sure you're giving the help that you can and giving the help that your customers need during this time. I want you to think about making your content relevant that's going out to the database and making sure it's addressing the reality right now.

Now, you could be giving tips and support to help your customers through this time rather than just giving the same old content that you would normally give. Make it contextualised to this Coronavirus time and you'll get some better results and better engagement there. Make sure you're using video wherever you can also, so people can get that connection with you, super important.

Right now when everyone's isolated, all they want to do is see people or be around people. So, being able to see you when the content is coming through will absolutely help. Now the next thing as well, if you're just sending broadcasts out to the database, then that works. But if you've got campaigns running, if you've got say an opt-in campaign running or a lead-generation campaign running, I want you to think about making that contextualized in the conversations that you're having to help people with their problems that are happening right now in COVID-19.

So, if we make it more specific to what's going on right now and show people that we understand what those problems are, it's going to help us stay connected with our customers, stay connected with our database. For example, some of my customers are physio's and osteo's and the problem that they're having is people are no longer coming into the clinic. Lots of people are canceling. Lots of people are doing things a little bit differently these days. They work in the city, so they go to a clinic in the city and now they're working from home, that my customer's customers are working from home. And so they're not coming in, they're not getting that engagement.

So, what they're doing is, or what I'm encouraging them to do, is send out some content that's specific to somebody who's working from home. Neck pain, when you're working from home, neck pain, when you're sitting at a dining table, giving some context as to how you can help your customers when they're at home in this new environment. And it's the same in other businesses as well. Are there stresses that you can help people with? Are there struggles that you can help people with in this environment? To just be there for your customers.

So right now is not about driving home the sales time. Right now is about building your tribe and getting engagement time. So whatever we can do, whatever content we can get out there to help on a regular basis, I recommend once a week or once a fortnight during this time is vital to staying connected with your database.

If you've got any questions, just hit reply to the email and let me know. Otherwise, you can book in down below for a free consult where we can help brainstorm some of these for you.

Are you seriously not doing this?

In the past few weeks I’ve seen so many businesses making the mistake of not following up or not following up effectively on their simple opt in campaigns that I had to share.

See if you are sticking to the simple 1 email approach after someone opts in this this is exactly what i’m talking about.

I need you to be effective in building your relationships, and sending 1 email after opt in, simple isn’t going to cut it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a free report, some sort of opt in giveaway, sign up on account, or even a new member for a bricks and mortar style business.  If you are not doing this, you may as well not be collecting the contacts details in the first place..

Want to increase sales and customer loyalty?

If you want to increase customer engagement, boost your orders and build customer loyalty…Get PERSONAL!
Does it work? Sure does!

  • Personalised emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.
  • And targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue!

But understand this.

There’s more to personalisation than just greeting your client by name in an email.

If you would prefer to read the transcript, please CLICK HERE

Are you making this big mistake?

For 12 years now I have been seeing this one big mistake repeated over and over again in business.

I watch businesses work so hard, to market their business, to get the leads in, then they don’t convert and what do they do?....


We have to treat this like a business, then we can see some returns. 

It doesn’t matter what the industry is, it doesn’t matter what your customer base is, this one rule is something that EVERYONE should be doing.

Watch this short video now to see if you are making this one big mistake, and then hit reply if you are and let me know when you are going to start changing it?

If you would prefer to read the transcript, please CLICK HERE

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