Are you seriously not doing this?

In the past few weeks I’ve seen so many businesses making the mistake of not following up or not following up effectively on their simple opt in campaigns that I had to share.

See if you are sticking to the simple 1 email approach after someone opts in this this is exactly what i’m talking about.

I need you to be effective in building your relationships, and sending 1 email after opt in, simple isn’t going to cut it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a free report, some sort of opt in giveaway, sign up on account, or even a new member for a bricks and mortar style business.  If you are not doing this, you may as well not be collecting the contacts details in the first place..

Are you making this mistake in your webinars?

Are you struggling to get the results you want in your webinars?

Or are you getting a trickle of sales coming through, with a lower than average show up rate?

People are attending but just not staying to the end?

There’s 1 big mistake I often see with Webinars, and that they are simply not following up, or not doing it effectively.  And…. As a result leaving potentially thousands of dollars on the table.

I certainly cant afford to do that in my business.  Can you in yours?

Let’s take a look at why it’s so important, and what you can implement to start changing that picture.

How personal are you getting?

In todays world of follow up, automation, we of course try and be as segmented and as targeted as we possibly can.

Well I can tell you that in some circumstances it still isn’t enough.  To stand out from the pack…. And we ALL WANT TO STAND OUT, we need to make it even more personal.

I’ve stumbled across a new app, that makes it oh so easy to know what to say, and when to say it.  Take all the thinking out of it, and get your customers a quick and easy personal video, with no trouble at all….

Sounds too good to be true, but in fact it’s really quite simple.

I’ve been using this for just a few weeks.  During that time I’ve had:

  • 2 dead quotes re-engage just from the personal follow up
  • 3 Strategy sessions book from people that have opted in for my free report
  • 2 customers engage in their training and start taking some action when they were falling behind…

All from simply a few video follow ups..

More emails are getting opened, and more engagement with those emails as well…

Just by adding a personal video to the contact.

If you want some more engagement, and let's be honest, everyone does.  Then watch the video to see just how easy it is.

Stay until the end and there’s a special BETA test group you may be interested in.

Get your emails synced

One of the benefits of working in a CRM like Infusionsoft is the ability to be able to see everything about a contact, at a glance in one place.

Well almost everything….. How annoying has it been that Infusionsoft, and your emails sent and received manually have been separate. 

That means looking in 2 places to get your email history on a client or lead.  One in your sent folder, and one in Infusionsoft.

Well that’s a thing of the past now. 

Infusionsoft has finalized the email Sync Feature, so that all of your emails can live in the contact record inside Infusionsoft.

Its not complex, in fact very simple, and you can have it synced by the time you finish watching the below video!

Are your emails being blocked?

It's an ever increasing problem right now.  
Yahoo, google and all other Email Service Providers, are getting more and more strict.

But what does that mean to you, and how do you make sure that you keep getting your emails into the inbox?

What’s the point in going to all of that effort to create the best version of your emails and content if they just aren’t getting into

the inbox, right?..

Have your members forgotten about you?

A fully-engaged customer brings you 23% more revenue than your average customer.


Now, sending out an email when you want them to buy something is not engagement.

Engagement is the relationship you build with your customers and it’s the basis of every successful business.

People need what you’re delivering.  You know they do because that’s why they came to you in the first place.

You need to remind them about it and keep them loyal, so they keep coming back to you.

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